Caipira Airways is a Brazilian airline in Grand Theft Auto V.


It serves and has a major presence in the Los Santos International Airport, having in the airport a fleet that consists of multiple uncontrollable Twinjets and controllable Jets.

A building with the Caipira Airways logo, most likely a travel agency, can be seen in Ludendorff. This implies the company possibly takes flights to North Yankton too.


Caipira Airways could be possibly based on the Brazilian airline Azul, which has as main destinations Belo Horizonte and Campinas, both places being notorious for rednecks, hence the name Caipira. Azul does operate internationally (Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, in the U.S.), though. Caipira Airways also draws some inspiration from the defunct Varig, which was the first and most well-known Brazilian airline. Caipira's logos and paint jobs are reminiscent of Varig's.

Known Destinations



  • Caipira means redneck or yokel in Brazilian Portuguese, although it carries few, if any, of the negative connotations associated with those. Still, this might be a joke referring to the residents of Blaine County. The airline colours are predominantly blue, yellow and green, matching the Brazilian flag.
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