Caca (stylized as CaCa) is a company featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


Not much is known about this high-end fashion brand save that Poppy Mitchell is their poster girl, as she appears in the store's advertisements. In one of the ads, writing at the bottom right reads: "Cheri sh it", with the "sh" separated, leading it to be able to be read as either "Cherish it" or "Cheri shit" - a reference to fecal matter.



The brand is probably based on Chanel, being a high end brand present on Rodeo Drive, with a celebrity female endorsement and the name being a reference to Coco Chanel. In Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Russian and French, the word "caca" translates to "excrement" - another reference to fecal matter. The logo itself appears to be written in feces.

The Portola Drive building is based on 240 North Rodeo Drive (occupied by Jimmy Choo).


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