"It's time for Kaufman Cabs' guardian angel to eat some fender!"
VC Cabs owner

Cabmaggedon is the last mission played for Doris the cab dispatcher in the Kaufman Cabs asset missions of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


To start the mission, enter the marked cab at inside the depot. Tommy will be told through the radio that Mercedes is asking for a pick up at Viceport. Tommy drives over to a vacant lot in Viceport. However, Mercedes is not there. Six Taxis from Vice City Cabs immediately drive into the lot, ganging up on Tommy. 

The objective here is to avoid being killed by the cabs for one minute. The player will have to drive around the open area until the time runs out. When it reaches zero, the cabs will stop and a Zebra Cab will enter the area, with the owner of Vice City Cabs driving it. Tommy will now have to kill the owner. This can be done by attacking the car until the owner bails out before finishing him off, or blow the cab up with him still inside.

The mission is complete once the owner is killed. Kaufman Cabs will now pay Protection Money, and all Kaufman Cabs will have two-way radios installed with Doris talking to the drivers, replacing the radio station music.


  • There is an incredibly helpful method to clear this mission in the easiest, fastest way. As soon the convoy of taxis appear, drive to the farther southeast corner of the area and leave your car around, then keep running straight between the freights then to the left and you'll be outside the compound area. Grab the Flamethrower that is adjacent to the building the compound is and go to the gate where you got in. Wait when the timer is over and shoot your flamethrower in the spot where the Zebra Cab will spawn. The driver will flee away and the Zebra Car will try to ram inside the compound without the driver. Just go and dispose of the driver to complete the mission.
  • Alternatively, obtain a rocket launcher and an assault rifle. When the cabs are swarming around Tommy, drive to the sea end of the area, exit and quickly run to the containers nearby. The opposing taxis will usually not hit Tommy once he reaches the container and instead they will drown in the water. Wait until the timer ends, then obliterate the VC Cabs owner with the assault rifle/rocket launcher and you're golden.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go and pick up Mercedes.
  • Sound the horn.
  • Stay alive until the timer runs out.
  • Take out the leader cab!


The reward for completing this mission is $5,000 and the Zebra Cab is unlocked (spawns at the Kaufman Cabs) along with the mission Cap the Collector should enough assets are generating profit.


  • The name "Cabmageddon" is likely a play on "Carmageddon", a controversial vehicular combat video game.
  • If the VC Cabs' owner leaves his car, he will attempt to kill the player with a Katana. Likewise, he drops it after death and Tommy can pick it up.
  • The pursuing cabs will not disappear in the iOS port, and will remain parked and occupied after the mission, as well as unlocked.



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