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This article is about the vehicle, for the business, see:Pala Springs Aerial Tramway
A reminder that some form of transport used to actually be pleasurable, the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway goes from Paleto Forest all the way to the peak of Mount Chiliad
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The Aerial Tramway (also known as Cable Car) is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto V, operated by the Pala Springs Aerial Tramway. It is similar to Grand Theft Auto IV's Sky Car. The vehicle is not available in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The cable car capsule itself is a plain rectangular steel structure with self-opening sliding doors on each long side. There are windows all around with the corners being pillarless to allow for uninterrupted viewing. A single lamp is present at the top of each end.

It is not self-propelled but clamps on to an overhead line which runs through multiple pylons to ascend to and descend from the summit of Mt. Chiliad. The capsule is suspended from the moving tram-line by a tilting pulley system attached to the top of the capsule using a bare tube frame with diagonal reinforcing.


The vehicle operates similar to the trams in Los Santos. The player is able to enter the cable car at any time, however they need to pay a $10 fare. The player can enter the vehicle and walk around the capsule while it is parked in the terminal without paying a fare, but it won't leave the terminal while a player is inside unless the fare has been paid.

Pedestrians can be found inside the terminal building apparently waiting for trams but will not enter and ride.

Bicycles and motorcycles can also be taken on the tram by parking them inside before paying the fare.

The Aerial Tramway can be destroyed using any explosive weapon, such as the Rocket Launcher.



  • If the player lands on top of a moving aerial tramway vehicle, for example by landing on it with a parachute, the vehicle will immediately stop and the player will gain a two-star wanted level.
  • The player can bring any motorcycle into the Cable Car and up/down the mountain with no extra fee. However, bringing a Panto, which can also fit inside the Cable Car, will inform the player that it cannot be taken with them.

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