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"If the years you've spent on the couch lurching from sugar coma to sugar coma have taught you anything, it's this: no deadline, no motivation. Strap a few pounds of high explosive to that deadline, give a small extension for every checkpoint you hit, throw in bonus points for random violence and an audience of millions, and your productivity is about to go through the roof."

Buzzer Beater is an Arena War Adversary Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Arena War update, released on December 18, 2018, during the Festive Surprise 2018 event.


In Buzzer Beater, players compete to win the race. Upon loading, the host is presented with similar options to normal races. The race type is always set to "GTA". Custom vehicles, catchup, and slipstream can also be toggled on or off.

Players are put in either Apocalypse Deathbikes, Future Shock Deathbikes or Nightmare Deathbikes, depending which map of the Adversary Mode is being played, though the player is still allowed to pick custom versions of the Arena War Deathbike.

Upon starting the round and after the 3-seconds countdown, players start the game with exactly one minute to survive until the end. There are three ways to survive longer:

  • Checkpoints: these are scattered around the arena in a similar way to a race, where the player can collect it to get extra seconds. Collecting a checkpoint quickly gives eight seconds, but if the player takes too long, it reduces to three seconds, meaning the player needs to plan their quickest route to reach the next checkpoint.
  • Stunts: performing stunts also gives extra seconds. Doing backflips after a jump, for example, can give five seconds.
  • Attack: players can also attack each other by using their melee attacks, though it is quite difficult to hit another player.

If a player is eliminated from the arena, they are sent to the spectator box with no access to gadgets (except the ones from the wheel), so the remaining ones still need to be careful of possible RC Banditos. Once only one player is left, the round is over and the remaining player wins the game.


There are three variations of Buzzer Beater for each Arena War theme: Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare.

All three maps are open-space and do not consist of any circuits or laps. The pit lane is closed and fences are enabled.

Image Location Map
BuzzerBeaterI-GTAO-JobImage Buzzer Beater I takes place in an Apocalypse Arena setup. BuzzerBeaterI-GTAO-Map
BuzzerBeaterII-GTAO-JobImage Buzzer Beater II takes place in a Future Shock Arena setup. BuzzerBeaterII-GTAO-Map
BuzzerBeaterIII-GTAO-JobImage Buzzer Beater III takes place in a Nightmare Arena setup. BuzzerBeaterIII-GTAO-Map


Collect checkpoints, perform stunts, use biker melee and take out enemies to increase your time. The faster you reach a checkpoint the more time you'll gain. Be the last alive to win.


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