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This mission crosses over with Blow Your Cover.

Nothing like selling some dope to let you know you're alive.
Johnny Klebitz to Playboy X and Niko.

Buyer's Market is a mission in The Lost and Damned. It is the first mission given by Elizabeta Torres to Johnny Klebitz.

This mission is parallel to Grand Theft Auto IV's mission Blow Your Cover, from Niko Bellic's point of view.


Johnny walks in on Elizabeta's cocaine party and its guests (including Kay Hartman, who dances around Elizabeta, Playboy X, and Carmen Ortiz), Elizabeta has helped find Johnny and Billy a buyer for the pile of heroin The Lost stole earlier from the Angels of Death. Shortly after, Niko arrives, and Elizabeta gives him details about the deal, then introduces him to Johnny, and then Johnny leaves to get the H from Brian Jeremy.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Collect the package from Brian.
  • Go to the building where the deal is taking place.
  • The apartment is on the third floor.
  • Wait for Niko and Playboy X.
  • Go downstairs and get out of the building.
  • Lose the cops.



Brian is waiting with the package on Inchon Avenue and the player must collect it from him. Then the player must go to the apartment on Cassidy Street in Schottler. They must go to the third floor and wait for Niko and Playboy X. A Combat Shotgun can be found on the first floor, in the same location under the stairs as in GTA IV.

Afterwards, the sale goes bad when Charlie and the other buyer turn out to be two undercover LCPD officers, and the player is forced to fight their way out. Niko and Playboy will make their way up to the roof while the player will have to make their way down, out the front door they came in.

The player will start out in the room where the deal went down, which is then invaded by four NOOSE officers and two more outside the room. The player must make their way down killing all NOOSE officers; there are about three officers per floor. Six officers are waiting outside and they can be killed while the player is in the building. On the last floor, before the player exits the building, one last officer is waiting. The player must then exit the building and lose their wanted level.

Video Walkthrough


  • Charlie - Killed by Niko for trying to arrest him, Playboy and Johnny.
  • Many NOOSE Agents - Killed by Johnny, Niko and Playboy during an ambush.


  • The song playing in the opening cutscene is "Dale Don Dale" by Don Omar. This song is not played on any of the in-game radio stations.
    • Following the April 2018 patch, it was replaced with "Swing Ya Rag" by T.I.
  • After the cutscene between Johnny and Elizabeta, the scene where Carmen Ortiz dances with Elizabeta is cut, instead showing Niko already talking to Elizabeta.
  • If Brian is killed, the mission will fail; Johnny will call Billy to tell him that he has good and bad news; the bad news being that they lost a brother and the good news being that it was Brian.
  • If Playboy X or Niko are attacked, the mission will fail.
  • When Playboy X and Niko meet up with Johnny, Niko says "Hey, man!" and Playboy says "Yo!". This is not said in the original game.
  • After the cutscene where it’s revealed the two men are undercover cops, Johnny says “Get the fuck outta here. I’ll go down, you go up. Good luck.” which is not heard in the original game. Similarly, Playboy in the original game says to Niko: “Yo. They gonna expect us to go out the front with that biker dude. We gonna hit up the roof. You clear out the floor above first, money.” which is not heard in this game.
  • Playboy X and Niko can be heard shooting NOOSE officers during Johnny's escape. Niko can be heard shooting an AK-47, and Playboy can be heard shooting a Micro-SMG. There are several dead NOOSE officers visible if the stairs are ascended, though the door to the roof is locked. When leaving through the back entrance, the player can hear Niko and Playboy shooting and taunting officers. Dead officers may fall from the rooftop as well.
  • Niko and Playboy X cannot be followed, because they will disappear on the fifth floor if Johnny follows them.
  • It is impossible to kill Charlie as Johnny, because after the cutscene, Charlie is killed by Niko.
  • Should the player choose to leave through the back entrance after descending to the ground floor of the apartment block, they will find several NOOSE officers waiting for them. However, there will be a Bati 800 parked in the street nearby.
  • Even if the player doesn't have an AK-47 in their inventory, Johnny will still hold one in the cutscene when the deal is going down.
  • When exiting the building, it is possible to kill the cops waiting outside without triggering a 3 star Wanted Level. If the player takes cover in the doorway and shoots the door open, they can pick cops off one by one waiting outside to lose some of the heat.
  • It is possible to obtain Brian's Gang Burrito during the mission; if the player kills Brian before triggering the cutscene, the mission will fail and the Gang Burrito will stay there, locked. The player must then push the Gang Burrito to a parking space.
  • In the mission, Johnny is wearing his club jacket; although in GTA IV crossover mission, Johnny is wearing a brown plain color jacket.
  • Only in this mission and its crossover will the roof entrance be locked shut, the entrance will always be wide open before and after the two missions.
  • Agent Jones of the FIB will call Johnny after the deal and tell him to come in and give info about the Lost MC which Johnny tells him to get a warrant if he's got any evidence on him and declines to talk to the pig.
  • Even though this mission is given by Elizabeta, it does not give progress for Elizabeta's missions in the stats, but gives progress for Billy's missions instead.
  • Like its crossover mission, this mission unlocks Integrity 2.0.