This is the list of businesses in San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto V. Some businesses hold stocks on the BAWSAQ market.


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Adios Airlines N/A IVV
Air Emu Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ EMU V
Air Herler N/A V
Caipira Airways N/A V
Los Santos Air N/A V
MyFly N/A V
San Fierro Air N/A V

Vehicle Manufacturers

Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
Albany Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Atomic Auto Parts and Blimp manufacturers N/A SAIVV
Benefactor Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
BF Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BFA IVV
Bollokan Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Bravado Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Brute Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BRU IVV
Buckingham Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Canis Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Cheval Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Coil Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Declasse Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Dewbauchee Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Dundreary Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Emperor Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Enus Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Fathom Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Gallivanter Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Grotti Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
HVY Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ HVY IVV
Hijak Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ HJK V
Imponte Auto Manufacturers N/A VCSIVV
Invetero Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Jacksheepe Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Jobuilt Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Karin Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Lampadati Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Lando-Corp Cranes and Construction Equipment N/A V
Liberty City Cycles Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Maibatsu Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ MAI IIIVCSALCSVCSIVCWV
Mammoth Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Obey Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Ocelot Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Overflod Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Pegassi Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Pfister Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Principe Motorcycle Manufacturers N/A IVV
RUNE Auto Manufacturers N/A Online
Schyster Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQSHT IVV
Shitzu Motorcycle Manufacturers N/A IVV
Speedophile Boat Manufacturers N/A V
Steel Horse Motorcycle Manufacturers N/A IVV
Truffade Auto Manufacturers N/A V
Ubermacht Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ UMA IVV
Vapid Auto Manufacturers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ VAP IVV
Vulcar Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV
Western Motorcycle Company Motorcycle Manufacturers N/A IVV
Willard Auto Manufacturers N/A IVV

Radio Stations

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
blonded Los Santos 97.8 FM N/A V
Blue Ark N/A V
Channel X N/A V
East Los FM N/A V
FlyLo FM N/A V
The Lab N/A V
Los Santos Rock Radio N/A V
Lowdown FM N/A V
Non Stop Pop 100.7 N/A V
Radio Los Santos Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ RLS SAV
Radio Mirror Park N/A V
Rebel Radio N/A V
Soulwax FM N/A V
Space 103.2 N/A V
Vinewood Boulevard Radio N/A V
West Coast Classics N/A V
West Coast Talk Radio N/A SA • V
WorldWide FM Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ WFM V

Retail & Stores

Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
24/7 Convenience Store N/A VCSAIVCWV
Ammu-Nation Weapon Manufacturer Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ AMU IIIVCSAALCSVCSCWV
Blazing Tattoo Tattoo Parlors N/A V
Eclipse Liquor and Deli Convenience Store N/A V
Grain of Truth, The Organic Food Market Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ GOT V
Grapeseed Supermarket Supermarket N/A V
Ink Inc. Tattoo Parlors N/A V
Limited Service Convenience Store/Filling Station Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LTD V
Liquor Ace Liquor Store N/A V

Liquor Hole

Liquor Store N/A V

Liquor Market

Liquor Store N/A V
Los Santos Office Supply Co. Office Supplies N/A V
Paper Clips Office Supplies N/A V
Rob's Liquor Liquor Store N/A V
T-Shirts XXS-XXXL Clothing Store N/A V
Vangelico Jewelry Store Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ VAG V
Vespucci Surfing Sea Equipment/Clothing Store N/A V
Wan Ka Internet Cafe Internet Café N/A V

Food & Drink

Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
24-Hour Chinese Restaurant Restaurant N/A V
Bay Bar, The Alcohol N/A IVV
Bean Machine Coffee Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BEN IVV
Bishop's Chicken Fast Food N/A V
Bite! Fast Food N/A V
Blarneys Stout Alcohol N/A IVCWV
Burger Shot Fast Food Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BGR VCSALCSIVCWV
Café Redemption Coffee N/A V
Cerveza Barracho Alcohol N/A IVV
Chihuahua Hotdogs Fast Food N/A IVV
Cluckin' Bell Fast Food Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ CLK SALCSIVCWV
Cool Beans Coffee Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BAN V
Crucial Fix Coffee N/A V
Dusche Gold Alcohol N/A IVV
ECola Soft Drinks Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ ECL VCSIVCWV
Glory Holes Bakery Bakery N/A V
Ground & Pound Café Coffee N/A V
Horny's Burgers Fast Food N/A V
Jakey's Alcohol N/A SAIVV
Logger Beer Alcohol Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LOG SALCSVCSIVV
Lucky Plucker Fast Food N/A V
Nutsaki Restaurant N/A V
Park View Diner Diner N/A V
Patriot Beer Alcohol N/A IVV
Phat Chips Snacks N/A IVV
Pizza This Fast Food N/A IVV
Pißwasser Alcohol Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ PIS IVV
Pride Brew Alcohol N/A V
Rainé Water Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ RAI IVV
Ring of Fire Chili House Fast Food N/A V
Rusty Brown’s Ring Donuts Snacks N/A VCSALCSIVV
Stronzo Alcohol N/A IVV
Taco Bomb Fast Food Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ TBO V
Tequi-la-la Bar N/A V
Up-n-Atom Burger Fast Food Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ UPA V
Wigwam Burger Fast Food N/A IVCWV


Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
Augury Insurance Insurance Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ AUG V
Bank of Liberty Banking Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BOL IVCWV
Bugstars Pest Control N/A V
Bullhead Law Firm Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BUL V
Fleeca Credit Card Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ FLC IVCWV
Gruppe Sechs Private Security Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ GRU IIIVCLCSVCSIVV
Hammerstein & Faust Law Firm Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ HAF V
Lombank Banks N/A IVV
Maze Bank Banks Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ MAZ V
Mors Mutual Insurance Insurance Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ MOR V
Pacific Standard Public Deposit Bank Banks N/A V
GoPostal Mail Services Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ GOP V
Post OP Mail Services Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ POP IVV
Schlongberg Sachs Banks N/A IVV
Shark Credit Card Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ SHK IVV
Slaughter, Slaughter & Slaughter Law Firm Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ SSS V
Total Bankers Banks N/A V


Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
Downtown Cab Co. Taxi Firms N/A V
Escalera Rent-A-Car Car Rentals N/A V
JiffiRent Car Rentals N/A V
Los Santos Transit Public Transportation Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LST V
Olympian Rentals Car Rentals N/A V
Touchdown Car Rentals Car Rentals N/A V


Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
Auto Exotic Repair Garage N/A V
Auto Repairs Repair Garage N/A V
Beeker's Garage Vehicle Modification/Repair Garage N/A V
JJ's Forklift Repair Forklift Repair Garage N/A V
Los Santos Customs Vehicle Modification/Repair Garage Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LSC V
Otto's Auto Parts Vehicle Modification/Repair Garage N/A V


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Badger Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BDG IVV
BitterSweet Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BTR IVV
Digital Den N/A V
Facade Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ FAC IVV
iFruit Computers Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ FRT IVCWV
Lifeinvader Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LFI V
Tenshun N/A O
Tinkle Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ TNK V
Toshi N/A IVV
Whiz Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ WIZ IVV
Wiwang Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ WIW V


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Daily Globe Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ DGP IVV
Daily Rag N/A V
Los Santos Meteor N/A V
LS 24 N/A V
LS Quik N/A V
Pump Buddy Magazine N/A V
Weazel Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ WZL IVV


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Amigas N/A V
Globe Oil N/A IVCWV
Los Santos Department of Water & Power Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ WAP V
Los Santos Department of Nuclear Power N/A V
Los Santos Department of Green Power N/A V
Los Santos Department of Wind Power N/A V
The Los Santos State Gas Company N/A V
Terroil N/A IVCWV
Xero N/A IVV

Hotels / Motels

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Alesandro Hotel N/A V
Archipelago N/A V
Banner Hotel & Spa N/A IVV
Bayview Lodge N/A V
Bilingsgate Motel N/A V
The Celtica Hotel N/A IVV
Crown Jewel Motel N/A V
Dream View Motel N/A V
Eastern Motel N/A V
Elkridge Hotel N/A V
The Emissary N/A IVV
The Generic Hotel N/A V
Gentry Manor Hotel N/A V
Hookah Palace N/A V
Hotel Wisdahl N/A V
Opium Nights N/A IV • V
Pegasus Concierge Hotel N/A V
Perrera Beach Motel N/A V
The Pink Cage Motel N/A V
The Richman Hotel N/A V
Rockford Dorset Hotel N/A V
Templar Hotel N/A V
The Viceroy Hotels & Resorts N/A V
Vinewood Gardens Hotel N/A V
Von Crastenburg Hotel N/A V


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Anna Rex N/A IVV
Bikini Universe N/A V
Binco Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BIN SA • IV •V
Brawls N/A IV • V
Caca N/A V
Crevis Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ CRE IVV
Didier Sachs N/A SAIVV
Enema N/A IVV
Gutter and Blood (G&B) N/A V
Magnetics N/A V
Maracas N/A V
Miss T N/A IV • V
Ponsonbys Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ PON V
SubUrban Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ SUB SAV
Swallow N/A V
Tim Vapid N/A V
White Widow N/A IVV

Hair & Beauty Salons

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Beach Combover Barber N/A V
Bob Mulét Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BOM V
Carson's Salon Supplies N/A V
Hair on Hawick N/A V
Herr Kutz Barber N/A V
Nails N/A V
O'Sheas Barbers Shop N/A V
Wur et Dux N/A V

Weapon Manufacturer

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Hawk and Little Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ HAL V
Shrewsbury Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ SHR V
Vom Feuer Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ VOM V


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Gold Coast Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ GCD V
Paint Shop, The N/A V
Skiver Construction Corporation N/A V
STD Contractors N/A V

Real Estate Companies

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Dynasty 8 N/A V
Johnsons Realty N/A V
Robinson Real Estate N/A V
Wolfs International Realty N/A IVCWV


Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Muscle Sands Gym N/A V
Pump & Run Gymnasium Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ PMP V
Queensbury Boxing Club N/A V


Business BAWSAQ Featured in Stock Market V
Bleeter Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ BLE IVV N/A V Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ EYE IVV Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ LFI V N/A V N/A V

Railroad Company

Business BAWSAQ Featured in
Go Loco Railroad N/A V
Santos Steamer N/A V
D-Rail N/A V
Santos Spirit N/A V
L.S. Dart N/A V
Union Flyer N/A V


Business Type BAWSAQ Featured in
Big Dan Vision Optometry Optician N/A V
Cardiaque Tobacco/Alcohol Company N/A IVV
Debonaire Tobacco Company N/A IVV
Deludamol Pharmaceutical Company N/A O
Delladamol Pharmaceutical Company N/A O
Estancia Cigars Tobacco Company N/A V
Eugenics Incorporated Bioengineering Company N/A IVV
Family Pharmacy Pharmacy N/A V
Gastro Band Weight Loss Program Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ GAS V
Jetsam Shipping N/A V
Krapea Furniture Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ KRP IVV
Max Renda Cosmetics Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ MAX IVV
Merryweather Private Military and Security Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ MER V
Mulls Pharmaceutical Company N/A O
O'Deas Pharmacy Pharmaceutical Company N/A V
The Oriental Theatre N/A V
Penris Unknown N/A V
Pop's Pills Pharmaceutical Company N/A V
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Vehicle Dealership N/A V
Redwood Cigarettes Tobacco Company Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ RWC VCVCSIVCWV
Richards Majestic Productions Film Production Studio Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ RIM V
The Molarstation Dentistry Dentist N/A V
Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club Increase-BAWSAQSteady-BAWSAQDecrease-BAWSAQ UNI V
Vespucci Beach Recreation Center Recreation Center N/A V
Vinewood Pawn & Jewelry Pawn store N/A V
Vinewood Self Storage Storage Facility N/A V
Zoombi Pharmaceutical Company N/A O