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There are many possible Steal Business Supplies mission scenarios that a player can encounter when stealing supplies to store in the Biker Businesses in Grand Theft Auto Online.


The missions follow a similar structure to Special Cargo Buy Missions, Vehicle Cargo Source Missions, Air Freight Cargo Source Missions, wherein a scenario involving stealing supplies will be picked at random, varying from hijacking military convoys to stealing supplies from gang members. Each job has a 30-minute time limit that starts as soon as the player spawns outside their business.

Bar Fight

The player must go to Tequi-la-la and fight Lost MC gang members; the player must use their fists, as weapons are not permitted inside, even though some of the gang members use melee weapons regardless. After the The Lost MC members carrying supplies are killed, the player must steal the supplies and return them to the business. Any remaining Lost MC members needn't be killed.

Intimidate Target

The player must go to a construction site/power plant and intimidate a target to reveal the supplies' location. The supplies are stored in a Burrito. If the target is killed the mission will fail.

Armored Trucks

Several locations of Stockades will be given, the player needs to check which truck carries the supplies. The Stockades are either driving or parked and manned by two Gruppe Sechs guards. Upon finding the supplies, the player has to drive back the Stockade to their business.

Collect a Worker

The supplies are in a Burrito guarded by hostile NPCs. After stealing the van, enemies will come after the player.

Collection of Vehicle

The player simply has to collect a Bagger or a Burrito and drive it back to their business. The vehicles can either be parked somewere, with no guards, or be driven around by a rival gang member.

Competitor Riders

Supplies are carried by members of a rival gang (either the Vagos, Khangpae, Ballas or Lost MC) on motorcycles. A couple of locations will be given, the player has to throw them off their motorcycle to reveal which one of them carries supplies. Using melee from a motorcycle instead of guns will prevent a wanted level being applied.

Crate Search

The player has to identify the correct crates with supplies in them from a number of crates located at Humane Labs and Research or Fort Zancudo. The crates are guarded by hostile NPCs, but the player may use stealth to avoid a fight.

Rob Vagos

After killing a couple of Vagos gang members the player is instructed to drop a flare and the supplies will be dropped from a plane. Possible locations are : Catfish View, Davis Quartz or Greenwich Parkway.

Pretty Nasty People

The player must go to a location, kill all the enemies nearby and steal a bag full of supplies.

Guarded Van

The supplies are in a Speedo guarded by hostile NPCs that can be located at: Clinton Avenue in West Vinewood/under the Olympic Freeway, near the Strawberry Avenue in Strawberry, near the Vanilla Unicorn/in the Davis Quartz/near the Banham Canyon Drive. After stealing the van, enemies will come after the player. Damage to the van by pursuers or the player crashing the van will deteriorate the supply's health and reduce the amount of supplies delivered.

Police Confiscation

The player is instructed to go to the area near a police station. Once arrived, the player should obtain a wanted level of at least one star on purpose and stay in the area. After a few minutes, a Police Bike carrying the supplies will appear on the radar. The bike has to be stolen and delivered back to the business.[1]

Disrupt Operations

A couple of crashed Humane Labs Boxville vans are found near the railway. They are protected by hostile NPCs. The player has to drive the Boxville to the business. This mission is only for the Cocaine Lockup business.

Colombian Flake

The player must go to a outdoor/indoor location and steal a box full of supplies. This mission is only for the Meth Lab business.

Meeting a Contact

The player must meet an identity dealer. Once the player meets the dealer the dealer and his asociates will gets attacked by a sniper. After the deal is attacked the players is instructed to get the supplies and get out of there.This mission is only for the Document Forgery business.

Fleeca Bank Robbery

The player must go to a Fleeca bank, and steal a briefcase full of supplies.This mission is only for the Counterfeit Cash business.

Raid Nasty People

The player must go to a outdoor/indoor location and steal a bucket full of supplies. This mission is only for the Weed Farm business.

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