Bus Lane is small street in Grand Theft Auto IV, located in Fishmarket South, Algonquin.


The street's primary purpose appears to be a bus terminal looking over the Humboldt River. Up to four Buses can be found parked outside each of the bus shelters along the lane. The street connects to Flatfish Place at both the north and the south, acting as a single loop road. It is separated from Flatfish Place by a row of small trees and large billboards with advertisements for Anna Rex and Fruntalot.

Bus Lane provides access to the Higgins Helitours Heliport, operated by Higgins Helitours. A small parking lot reservation is found outside the building.

Along the boardwalk of Bus Lane are several benches looking east towards Hove Beach at the other side of the river. Stairway access leads to the water where the player can dock boats. Greenery can be found between the boardwalk and the bus shelters. A street vendor is always found outside the heliport serving hotdogs. Some paintings are found outside too.

The street can become quite busy due to the narrow corners and intersections close by.

The street is replicated in GTA Chinatown Wars but is not named nor marked on the map. It is built off the main road, intended to be Union Drive East, and appears to be slightly different, lacking grassland and the parking lot in front of the heliport. Buses no longer spawn here, either.


Location Type Road Direction Image(s)
Fishmarket South Road begin Flatfish Place n/b toward Bus Lane
s/b toward Bismarck Avenue & South Parkway
BusLane-GTAIV-Intersection Flatfish Place South
Road end Flatfish Place s/b toward Bismarck Avenue & South Parkway
BusLane-GTAIV-Intersection Flatish Place North


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