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This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Bury the Hatchet" in Grand Theft Auto V.
(Michael De Santa walks into his living room, sighing at an empty sofa. Shortly after sitting, Trevor appears at the doorway.)
Trevor: *whistling* Hey, man.
Michael: Fuck... What do you want?
Trevor: (Approaching Michael before sitting beside him)
I'm your friend, I don't want anything, man. Come on, your company's good enough, huh? Same as always.
Michael: Yeah... Thanks. I really appreciate that.
Trevor: So. Family ain't back yet, huh?
Michael: Nope.
Trevor: She's a Goddamn fool, man.
Michael: Despite all the chaos of these last few weeks, I think I've finally figured it out. I know, sounds ridiculous.
Trevor: No. Actually, it does not sound ridiculous. Y'know? Because you, you're a killer. Y'know? You are a man of action! You do not sit on couches, you take scores! You're back man. We are back! Alright? All we gotta go do is bust out Brad, and then we're golden, man! Franklin, he makes us multicultural. Lester makes it cyber. We're like modern America. We just get ourselves a gay friend. Bam!
Michael: No. It's not it. I got money, it just makes you miserable. I wanna make movies,
Trevor: Great. That's great...and where exactly does this leave me in this second act of your life?
Michael: We're gonna do this last big job, and then we're gonna dissolve the partnership.
Trevor: This is not a game to me! Alright? This is a fuckin' way of life.
Michael: I got a fuckin' family!
Trevor: Yeah well I ain't got nothin'! No one gives a fuck about me!
Michael: I do.
Trevor: Oh. Fuck you. I saw your grave. I mourned you. And then it turns out that everything I fucking thought about you was wrong. Everything! You're not dead. And you're not a man.
Michael: Well, what the fuck are you?
Trevor: I'm your fucking nightmare!
Michael: Yeah, enough with your Goddamn threats!
(Trevor pauses with disgrace, walks away as an angry Michael sits back down. Trevor then gives himself several seconds to think about what Michael just said.)
Trevor: Let me...let me just ask you something. Alright? Something I've been, I've been thinking about. Up in North Yankton. Exactly who was buried in your place?
(Knowing full-well the truth, Michael sits back, concealing his guilty face with an unknowing one.)
Michael: I never gave it any thought.
Trevor: You know what I'm thinking?
Michael: I have no clue.
Trevor: You treacherous piece of shit!
(Trevor, realizing the truth, storms towards the door.)
Trevor: You're fuckin' dead! You're fucking dead!
(Hopelessly, Michael runs after Trevor)
Michael: Oh, fuck! Trevor! Hey, T!
(The door slams, and the camera cuts to Trevor fleeing Michael's driveway in his car in rage)
Trevor: Fuck!
Michael: That's my car you prick!

After leaving the mansion, Michael calls Trevor.

Trevor: Fuck you.
Michael: Hey, come on. Where are you going?
Trevor: You know where I'm going. Fuck you!
Michael: You don't need to go all the way to North Yankton to find out what I can tell you over a couple beers back at my house. Come on, we'll order pizza.
Trevor: Fuck you! Fuck your pizza! Fuck everything it stands for!
Michael: This is insanity.
Trevor: Ho, no. No, it's clear and reasoned thought. Finally.
Michael: Stop your car, come on. Come back, we'll talk.
Trevor: I'm not gonna listen to another one of your lies!
Michael: Hey, I'll lay it all out for you. Everything. Turn around.
Trevor: I'm going up there to see it for myself.
Michael: You'll be disappointed.
Trevor: *angry moan* I'll be something.
Michael: It'll be an anti-climax. The grave's empty. Just a bag of sand, something like that. Just smoke and mirrors.
Trevor: *angry moan* The lies! How do you do it, man? The game is up!
Michael: I'm trying to save you a trip.
Trevor: You've done me enough favors, buddy. Save your fucking breath.
Michael: Trevor. Come on.
Trevor: Fuck you, Michael. Soon enough I will.
(Trevor hangs up the phone)
Michael: Shit!

After Trevor hangs up the phone on Michael, Michael calls Dave.

Dave: Special Agent Norton.
Michael: Shit. Davey. Shit, he knows. I think he knows.
Dave: What, who?
Michael: Think.
Dave: Shit. Shit! How?
Michael: I don't know how. He used his head.
Dave: But... does he know... does he know it all?
Michael: Hey, he's on his way up to Ludendorff to confirm his suspicions.
Dave: Shit! Then what?
Michael: Then who fuckin' knows what? I don't know! I'm going to go - see if I can reason with him.
Dave: Well, I'd come but I - I - I...
Michael: Yeah don't worry about it. This is between me and him. Besides, if it goes wrong up there, I'm sure you ain't far down his list.
Dave: That's good to know.

As Michael enters the airport, Wei Cheng's men watch him from their car.

(Speaking in Chinese.)
Wei Cheng's men: His boyfriend has arrived at the airport. We'll have people on whatever plane he boards.

After hanging up on Michael, Trevor will call Ron asking him if there's a plane available and briefly explaining what's happened.

Ron: Trevor? It's great to, ah...
Trevor: There a plan I can use? Get me across country?
Ron: Sure. Sure. We got one fueled up for a trip south of the border.
Trevor: I'm taking it.
Ron: Is everything okay, man?
Trevor: Everything is not okay. Nothing has ever been okay. But I got to see it for myself. I'm going to see an old friend, alright? If you're where I think you are, buddy... I don't know why id didn't see it. I guess... I guess... I didn't want to. Fuck! Maybe I knew all along. I'm gonna find out for sure, and I'm gonna... do something about it. *angry moan* There was always something wrong with that job. What went down after. I guess I...I guess I wanted to believe. Fucking... fucking flea circus! Idiot! Idiot! Idiot!
Ron: I'm sorry, Trevor.

After arriving at North Yankton, Trevor arrives as the cemetery. He walks up to grave, picks up a pick axe ready to dig.

(Standing over Michael's grave)
Trevor: Who you got in here, huh? As if I need to ask.
(Trevor picks up the axe and swings)
Trevor: Argh! *repetitive moaning* *heavy breathing*

Michael arrives in Ludendorff by car, driving past the town's welcome sign.

Michael has flashbacks of the day during the drive to the cemetery, including quotes Michael said to Amanda and his family off-scene, as well as the events that took place during the failed heist.

Michael: Listen, Amanda. We're going to move to Los Santos. Start over. I made a deal. The slate will be totally wiped clean.
(From Prologue): Alright, everybody pays attention, no one gets hurt!

Trust me, darling. Look at me, Amanda. It was the only thing I could do. Either everyone dies, or one guy gets out. I'm that guy!

(From Prologue): Slow and steady, T, slow and steady.

His name is Dave Norton, nice guy - realist. He gets the glory, I get out. It's not even a decision. Amanda, I don't have a choice. Do you wanna die here where it's always snowing? Or do you wanna go and live where it's always sunny?

(From Prologue): Alright, you wanna live? Tell me you wanna live. Work this out.

Some depot out of town, you don't need to know. Trust me, nothing is gonna go wrong. Nothing.

(From Prologue): Yeah, I hear ya! We gotta follow the plan - everything'll work out.

I did the deal, Amanda. It's over. Baby, we get out. Be happy. Be normal!

(From Prologue): It ain't supposed to go down like this.

We did it. Baby, we are home free. It's over.

(From Prologue): This is fucked, man! The thing is blown!
Just this one job, and everything is done...(strong echoing fades out)

Michael finds Trevor digging out the grave, walking up to him slowly.

(Approaching Trevor, digging up the grave)
Michael: Hey, you're wasting your time.
Trevor: Is that why you flew out here? Huh? Tell me I'm wasting my time?
(Trevor continues to break away the rubble and dirt)
Michael: Go ahead, dig it up. I don't give a shit.
Trevor: Yeah, it's what you look like, a guy who doesn't give a shit.
Michael: Ah, this is ridiculous.
Trevor: How long are you going to keep lying for, Mikey, huh? When's it going to stop? What happens in the dark, comes out in the light.
Michael: Give it a rest, Trevor.
(Trevor gives it one last swing with the axe)
Michael: There's nothing there!
(Trevor picks up the spade, ready to break open the casket)
Trevor: This is it. Moment of truth.
(Having broken open the casket, Trevor looks at the corpse with dismay. He throws the spade down, crouches down to the open hole and breaks away the dirt. Brad's face is revealed. Trevor struggles to contain his shock having predicted it. Shouting in rage, he stands up from the casket, glaring despairingly at Michael, who stands over the grave, not daring to look)
Trevor: As if I didn't know...Brad.
Michael: Look, we do what we got to do to survive. This thing, it didn't work out the way it was supposed to.
Trevor: Oh, and how was that, huh? With Brad in the can and me in the ground? Or...or...or-or both of us in the coffin?
Michael: Brad got shot. You saw it! He didn't make it. I got shot, I did. That's, that's it.
(Trevor, having known the truth about what happens, jumps out of the grave and stands up to Michael)
Trevor: I think the only thing that didn't go as planned was me showing up on your doorstep ten years later. Mikey. I mourned you.
Michael: And I missed you, but I got a fucking family, Trevor. We were all gonna die. He did die.
(Trevor and Michael quickly pull out pistols and point them at each other)
Trevor: You reptilian motherfucker!
Michael: I didn't want it to come to this.
Trevor: Yes you did, you just don't have the fucking balls to do it, but I do.
Michael: I've got more to lose than you.
Trevor: Never a truer word has been spoken, brother. Now pull the fucking trigger. You ain't got the guts.
Michael: Take the fucking shot!
(Wei Cheng's men emerge from tombstones behind Michael, pointing their weapons at the pair)
Trevor: Who is that?
(Michael turns around, and Trevor sees the opportunity to fire, but the gun jams. He throws the gun at Michael and makes a break for it)
Trevor: *clink* Fuck!
Michael: Fuck!
(Michael swings back round and fires at Trevor, who's breaking open the cemetery's rear gate)
Wei Cheng's men: Trevor Philips, Mr. Cheng has requested a word.
(Trevor escapes the cemetery, leaving Michael to defend himself from Mr Cheng's men. He ducks behind a tombstone with his gun still drawn)
Michael: Hey, ho, ho, I'm not the guy you're looking for.
Wei Cheng's men: (Speaking in Chinese) Hey, he's over here, he's over here. Get the boyfriend.
Michael: Boyfriend? Motherfucker.
(Michael tries to start the car)
Michael: Trevor. Fuck!
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