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I think we outlived our usefulness to the Mendezes.
Lance Vance

Burning Bridges is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by drug kingpins Diego and Armando Mendez from their mansion on Prawn Island, Vice City.


Lance and Victor Vance go to the Mendez mansion and are told by Armando and Diego that they are free, as long as they leave Vice City and give their assets to them. Lance and Victor refuse and are attacked by Mendez goons, one of them knocks Vic out with the butt of his gun, and Juan Ovzem comes running out of the other room, and knocks Lance out with a baseball bat. They are taken to the airport fuel depot, stripped of their weapons, and are placed beside three oil and gas tankers.

They are then attacked by four Mendez goons who accidentally shoot one of the tankers, causing it to explode, burning them all alive in the process. Victor escapes the area, shooting the other tankers to blow up the place and killing the remaining goons, as he escapes on a PCJ-600, whilst Lance manages to escape in the ensuing chaos. The two meet up shortly after and decide to split up, realizing that they are now the enemies of the Mendez Cartel. After this Victor realizes Mendez's betrayal and cuts his ties with them.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Lance is trapped behind the flames!
  • Find a way back inside the rescue Lance.
  • Find your way back inside the fuel depot.
  • Rescue Lance before the pressure causes the tanks to explode.
  • Shoot the valves to turn off the oil.
  • Two valves left.
  • One more valve to go.
  • All the fires are out - find Lance.
  • Get to the exit before this place blows.

Post-Mission Pager Message

Lance Vance: The shit's about to hit the fan Bro'. But. I got us covered...


There is no monetary reward for this mission, although the mission Blitzkrieg Strikes Again is unlocked.

Video Walkthrough