Burlesque is an avenue in Grand Theft Auto IV located in Algonquin, Liberty City.


The avenue starts in the north at an intersection with Manganese Street in Star Junction, running south at an approximate 15 degree angle towards The Triangle. It crosses paths with Denver-Exeter Avenue to form the iconic Star Junction intersection, switching position at Kunzite Street before continuing south and terminating at Garnet Street on the northern fringe of Suffolk. The 1 way nature of the avenue allows for free-flowing traffic with little to no incidents until termination.

Due to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars somewhat simplified map, the appearance of Burlesque is ambiguous; the lack of a diagonal street such as Burlesque suggests that the central Star Junction region is built upon one entire road rather than two, leaving Burlesque and Denver-Exeter Avenue as named streets in limbo.

Colorful Star Junction advertising light up the night scene of Algonquin.

Statue in front of the north Denver-Exeter Avenue-Burlesque Building.

Liberty Sports Network offices found at the base of the Bawsaq Building.

Running through the heart of Algonquin, Burlesque and its lateral partner, Denver-Exeter Avenue, are home to many landmarks, including the bright lights of Star Junction. Many high-rise skyscrapers and office buildings are based along this road, including the Cooper Jackson Building, Bawsaq Building, Daily Globe Building, Triangle Tower and The Star Plaza Hotel. The southern termination with Garnet Street sets out the foundation shape for the Triangle Building and Spender's, while its intersecting angle with Denver-Exeter Avenue causes smaller wedges of pedestrianization for smaller landmarks like the Star Junction Police Station, Being a 4-lane wide avenue, the street is predictably very busy.

The entire street is a 4-lane road flowing in one direction south and connects to 7 streets of the Algonquin alphabetical system, namely G, H, I, J, K, L and M, as well as crossing paths with Denver-Exeter Avenue.

The number of lanes fluctuates as it travels through the city, particularly due to its nature intersecting with Denver-Exeter Avenue. The entire road allows traffic to flow only south, along with Denver-Exeter, through the Star Junction region. At the northern start of the road, the avenue holds 4 lanes including parked traffic lanes, before one lane is lost after the Lorimar Street intersection as the two intersecting roads become closer together. This results in 3 lanes leading up to the Kunzite Street intersection, the main cross-over between Denver-Exeter Avenue and Burlesque, totaling in 6 lanes of traffic flowing south at once. It isn't until after Jade Street that the 4th lane is regained as the avenue enters The Triangle.

Unlike other Algonquin avenues, Burlesque lacks a police scanner audio file.[1]

The central location of Burlesque and its position as the pinnacle of the central Star Junction attraction suggests the road is based on Broadway, specifically the Times Square district, in Manhattan, New York City. Unlike Broadway, however, Burlesque's stretch is short lived and does not continue north nor south of the central area of Algonquin.


Location Type Road Direction Image(s)
Star Junction road begin Manganese Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Union Drive East
road crossing Lorimar Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue & West Way
road crossing Denver-Exeter Avenue & Kunzite Street s/b toward Garnet Street
e/b toward Algonquin Bridge & Bismarck Avenue
w/b toward Union Drive West
The Triangle road crossing Jade Street e/b toward Albany Avenue
road crossing Iron Street w/b toward Galveston Avenue
road crossing Hematite Street e/b toward Albany Avenue & Leaper's Bridge
w/b toward Union Drive West
Suffolk road end Garnet Street e/b toward Union Drive East
w/b toward Castle Drive & Union Drive West



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  • The street is named after the literary genre of Burlesque, which is based on caricaturing serious issues and ridiculing their subjects - a style most Grand Theft Auto titles heavily employ.


  1. 1.0 1.1 Unlike other avenues of Algonquin, Burlesque does not have a police scanner audio file.


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