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"America's favorite national quick service factory farmed restaurant chain, and shining beacon of the global march towards cultural homogenization."
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Burger Shot (formerly The Burger Shot) is a chain of hamburger fast-food restaurants. The player can buy stocks from them in the website in Grand Theft Auto V.



The first appearance of Burger Shot (as "The Burger Shot") at the North Point Mall, Vice Point, Vice City in GTA Vice City.

It is a parody of American fast food chains Hardee's and Burger King. The name resembles Burger King, but the style of logo resembles Hardee's.

Burger Shot first appeared in the form of "The Burger Shot," a rudimentary restaurant in GTA Vice City (among many other less known outlets in the Game) where the player can replenish their health if it is below 100 points. The restaurant has risen in prominence in GTA San Andreas, where the restaurant becomes a large chain based in multiple locations. In addition to replenishing health, Burger Shot in GTA San Andreas allows the player to eat from a range of set meals in order to eliminate their hunger, or accumulate fat by eating fatty food. Burger Shot is absent as a restaurant chain in GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories (with the space of its west food court location and neighboring The Cheesy Crust Pizza Co. being occupied by Flap Lickin' Chickin while the eastern food court locations were undeveloped spaces). However, it is mentioned in radio commercials in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Burger Shot is retained as a fast food chain in GTA IV, but is downgraded as a location where the player can only replenish their health as player customization is limited; players can purchase a $1 "Bleeder" burger at any Burger Shot restaurant for full health. The player can also download a Burger Shot background for their upgraded phone via Burger Shot operates its own website,; certain Benson trucks also carry the Burger Shot logo. In Episodes from Liberty City, the Burger Shot and Weazel merchandise a menu with Republican Space Rangers action figures.

While it is impossible to access Burger Shot outlets in GTA Chinatown Wars, players can obtain food prizes from Burger Shot in the form of fries or burgers for health by purchasing its scratch cards.


GTA Vice CityGTA San Andreas

Originally, The Burger Shot in GTA Vice City lacks any readable menus, although it still does display images of a variety of burgers, sandwiches, and side dishes. Burger Shot in GTA San Andreas, however, offer the player four meals, each with different quantities of fats, with one meal, the Salad Meal, lacking any fats. The names "beef tower" and "meat stack" are both obvious sexual euphemisms for penis. In Las Venturas outlets, the pricing of the Beef Tower, Meat Stack, and Salad Meal are 20% higher than in the rest of the state, as noted below:

Meal Cost Fat % +
Moo Kids Meal $ 2 1%
Beef Tower $ 5 2%
Meat Stack $ 10 3%
Salad Meal $ 5 0%

Grand Theft Auto IV

Menú burger shot iv

In GTA IV, the player can only purchase a $1 "Bleeder" burger, and outings with friend or girlfriends to Burger Shots will nominally cost even higher at $100. It is interesting to note Burger Shot tills, as well as, also promote four meals on menus in a similar fashion as what is offered in GTA San Andreas, although only the "Bleeder" burger is available and consists of only a single burger costing $1:

Meal Price
"Heart Stopper" $6.99
"Bleeder Meal" $3.99
"Money Shot Meal" $6.99
"Torpedo Meal" $6.66


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

In GTA Vice City, The Burger Shot exists in Vice City as only two outlets within North Point Mall in Vice Point alongside another three outlets (the Beef Bandit, Cheesy Crust Pizza and Shaft Hot Dogs) on both the east and west sides of the mall.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas, Burger Shot is interestingly confined within the limits of San Andreas' three major cities, Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, and as a result is not found in rural San Andreas.

There are ten Burger Shot outlets in total; two in Los Santos, three in San Fierro, and five in Las Venturas (the largest number of operational fast food outlets within a city in GTA San Andreas); Old Venturas Strip itself has two Burger Shot outlets that are only a short walk from each other.

The same female server appears in all the locations. In contrast to her counterparts at Well Stacked Pizza Co., and Cluckin' Bell, her attitude towards the customer is overly ingratiating.

Los Santos

Las Venturas

San Fierro

Grand Theft Auto IV

In GTA IV, Burger Shot operates a total of ten outlets in and throughout Liberty City and Alderney State alone, including two integrated mini-restaurants at the city's two Memory Lanes bowling alleys, and one shuttered outlet in Cerveza Heights, Dukes. Some of the outlets can be seen on the streets that have ceased to be operational (non-interactive) with padding nailed to the windows and a sign on the entrance stating either the store has undergone renovation, closed down, or moved. They include as follows:

GTA Chinatown Wars

The distribution of Burger Shots in GTA Chinatown Wars is mostly the same, but with the Alderney branch and Memory Lanes outlets omitted, as Alderney is not in the game and Memory Lanes are not accessible.

Grand Theft Auto V

Burger Shot reappears in Grand Theft Auto V, with the same logo as in GTA IV. However, the stores are no longer accessible. There are two Burger Shot restaurants in Los Santos, located in Vespucci Canals and the Pleasure Pier. Its main stock competitor is Up-n-Atom Burger.

Scratch Cards

In GTA Chinatown Wars, scratch cards promoted by Burger Shot can be purchased at various stores, and the player can win cash or free food.

Mission Appearances

In GTA San Andreas, the Marina branch of Burger Shot in Los Santos is a significant location for several missions, where it temporarily becomes OG Loc's place of employment, working as a "hygiene technician" (a cleaner) as part of his parole work placement. It is from this outlet that OG Loc asks for CJ's help to kick-start his rap career. In addition, the Redsands East Burger Shot in Las Venturas features a parked Faggio that is used to perform a courier side-quest with the Burger Shot outlet as the nerve center where the player refills his stock of "merchandise." Upon completion of the side-quest, the outlet becomes an asset that pays the player $2,000 a day.

In GTA IV, Burger Shot makes a slight cameo in First Date in the beginning cutscene as one of the possible locations for Niko to take his date or friend to. In the cutscene, Little Jacob is seen eating a "Bleeder" (a Burger Shot delicacy) right outside of it.

In GTA Chinatown Wars, the Beechwood City Burger Shot is where the player meets with Lester Leroc for his strand of missions.

In GTA VMichael drives Jimmy to a Burger Shot to receive a drug from Ahron Ward during the mission Did Somebody Say Yoga?



3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Grand Theft Auto V and Online


GTA IV Burger Shot Commercial

GTA IV Burger Shot Commercial

GTA IV Burger Shot TV commercial.



  • The term "Burger Shot" may be a reference to the name of a series of sandwiches once available at Burger King, the real-life burger restaurant Burger Shot appears to be based on.
  • Burger Shot paper bags and cups appear in Manhunt 2.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • The menu also serves 'freedom fries'; this would be an anachronism, as the freedom fries controversy occurred in 2003, whereas GTA: San Andreas takes place in 1992.
  • Sometimes, after choosing a meal and backing out, the lady at the cash register might say another "thank you" phrase. However, this will not work at The Well Stacked Pizza Co. or Cluckin' Bell.
  • The downtown San Fierro Burger Shot is frequently impacted by the Random Plane Crash Glitch, making exiting the restaurant potentially dangerous.

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • Many Burger Shots tend to have Russian women (usually red or blonde haired) working at the register, pronouncing the restaurant as "Burger Chot". Occasionally, an African-American man may be working behind the register.
  • They are one of the official sponsors of the CNT program I'm Rich.
  • Burger Shot is Roman Bellic's favorite place to eat.
  • The closed Burger Shot in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, is missing a few of the "Burger Shot" letters. The remaining ones, however, create a new word; it now reads "Bugs r Sht," a short term for "bugs are shit."
  • The workers would have also worn hats like in San Andreas, although it was cut for an unknown reason, the hat is more detailed and can only be accessed by a trainer.[citation/verification needed]
  • Burger Shot is mentioned in a song on The Beat 102.7 called Consequence - I Hear Footsteps, which was originally recorded for the game.
  • At the Burger Shot on Topaz Street, it is split between two neighborhoods; when the player goes to the counter, he is in North Holland. When the player goes out the side exit, he is in Varsity Heights.
  • Like with Vendors and Cluckin' Bell, if the player is unruly, the cashier will cross his or her arms and refuse to serve the player.
  • If one looks closely at the menu in all Burger Shots it says at the very bottom of both "The Bleeder" and "The Heart Stopper" parts in fine print "This burger may kill you. We can't be held responsible".

Grand Theft Auto V

  • Burger Shot is represented as BSHT on the BAWSAQ website, which is short for "bullshit".
  • In the Strangers and Freaks mission Pulling Another Favor, Tonya will talk to Franklin about the time that they had sex behind a Burger Shot when they were only 13, although Franklin denies that anything happened.
  • By 2013, Burger Shot has introduced a new item called the Meatshake, which cannot be purchased by the player. The item is a reference to the 2003 hip hop album Taste the Secret by Ugly Duckling, which was loosely based on a fictitious fast food chain called MeatShake.

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