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Bunkers (also known as Los Santos Airbase Bunkers, according to the sign) are purchasable properties in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the GTA Online: Gunrunning update. Judging by the signs seen on the entrances, it is implied to be former military facilities.


Bunkers are huge underground facilities introduced with Covert Ops. They may be customized with several additions, similar to Motorcycle Clubhouses and CEO Offices.

There are 11 bunkers available to purchase from Maze Bank Foreclosures after receiving an introductory phone call from Agent 14. During the introduction to the bunker after purchase, Agent 14 implies that the gunrunning operation was being run by his government agency but was being shut down and sold as a completely vacant bunker, however he gets a telephone call midway through his spiel and instead provides it as a going concern. After the phone call, Agent 14 then proceeds to make a full tour of the bunker with the player, explaining how the facility works. After the tour, Agent 14 explains that they need to "bomb someone tomorrow" and proceeds to leave the bunker, telling the player that he will keep in touch and offer further guidance.


The main entrance is a large tunnel that connects the bunker with the surface, where the surface point has a large mechanical door that opens upwards and the bunker point has two steel doors that leads to the bunker itself. A cutscene triggers when the player enters to the bunker; and the tunnel is briefly seen when a Mobile Operations Center enters to the bunker.

The entry lobby is the main area where the player enters. Four Caddy carts are provided for the owner and their allies for easy navigation in the bunker if the transportation option was added in the purchase.

The Bunker Vehicle Workshop is located next to the entry lobby and become operational upon purchase of a Mobile Operations Center and the Anti-Aircraft Trailer. The player can go to the mechanic in order to customize every vehicle of this area (considering that the MOC cab also counts).

The research and manufacturing area is connected to the entry lobby (just taking a U-turn from the entrance), where several machines can be seen, as well as a small table where the scientists are seen with blueprints of an Assault Rifle Mk II. Two Vending Machines are seen here as well. If the equipment upgrade is purchased, ventilation systems are seen on the roof.

Within the area, there is a office section with a laptop that provides access to Disruption Logistics, which is used to run the gunrunning business operations. On a corner of the management area, the player can find the gun locker and their personal room (if purchased).

Next to the research/manufacturing area, there is the storage area, where the gunrunning supplies are stored. Depending of the bunker' supply level, various crates containing weapons and ammunitions are seen here. If the security upgrade is purchased, the entrances will have steel gratings doors. Chemical bathrooms are seen in the small portion connecting the entry lobby, the research/manufacturing area and the storage area.

Further ahead from the research/manufacturing area, a shooting range is available for those who purchased it and will have a small alcove containing the shooting range rewards.

A set of hallways are seen on a side of the bunker, with a main one providing direct connection between the entrance lobby, the research/manufacturing area and the shooting range, with a secondary hallway connecting the primary hallway to the Bunker Vehicle Workshop.




Bunker Location Image In-game description Price
Paleto Forest Bunker: Paleto Forest, west side of Procopio Promenade and approaching Paleto Cove.
Ever wanted to give something back to the untouched woodlands that have given you so much peace and joy? Have you considered a thousand tons of concrete and titanium? If you're looking for that elusive dovetail between crazy militarism and environmental diligence, you found it. $1,165,000
Raton Canyon Bunker: Raton Canyon, on a large portion of the area, located between the Calafia Road bridge and the Calafia Train Bridge, accesed via the Cassidy Trail.
Raton Canyon is a federally protected wilderness area, which all but guarantees the kind of peace and solitude your newly converted missile silo deserves. Plus, when the recycled air is making you nauseous, you can pop up for a lungful of the purest breeze in the state. $1,450,000
Lago Zancudo Bunker: Lago Zancudo, westmost side of Fort Zancudo.
Nestled among the sand dunes, enjoying year-round sunshine, the pacific gently breaking just a few strides away... If you can ignore the constant earthquake warnings and the threat of flooding, this is as close to paradise as a subterranean bunker is going to get. $1,550,000
Chumash Bunker: Chumash, beyond the north-west side of Barbareno Road.
I know what you're thinking. Who cares about sea views when you're fifty feet underground in a hermetically sealed nuke-proof bunker? Well just remember. It doesn't need to make any sense to add a fat premium to the resale value. This is how you climb the ladder. $1,650,000
Grapeseed Bunker: Grapeseed, past the west side of McKenzie Field airstrip. Mainly accessed via a dirt road from Grapeseed Main Street.
Amid all this talk of the death of small-town America, it's important to remember that somewhere like Grapeseed has an advantage over the big city: there's plenty of space for the one percent to build subterranean lairs in preparation for the apocalypse. Hey, the heartlands aren't going to rejuvenate themselves. $1,750,000
Route 68 Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, north of Route 68 Approach and west of Joshua Road.
On one side, you hear the bubbling stream of the Zancudo River taking its share of bloated corpses from the Alamo Sea to the coast; on the other, the distant sound of whooping and gunfire from nearby Harmony. And beneath your feet a sprawling nuclear fortress. Welcome to Eden. $1,950,000
Grand Senora Oilfields Bunker: Past a "dead-end" dirt road connected to Joshua Road.
If you're a budding survivalist looking for a decent simulation of a nuclear wasteland, you could do a lot worse than the Grand Senora Desert. This cozy property was originally built as an end-of-the-world shelter and general hangout for a cryptocurrency pioneer - and if that doesn't scream 'high build quality' what does? $2,035,000
Grand Senora Desert Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, past the west side of the Sandy Shores Airfield runway.
Due to high levels of unexplained radiation, the Grand Senora Desert is home to varieties of flora, fauna and underground bunker seen nowhere else on the planet. And this baby is triple-lined with tinfoil all the way round, so you're definitely safe. $2,120,000
Smoke Tree Road Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, next to Smoke Tree Road and Nowhere Road.
This discreet site in the Grand Senora Desert holds the record for the most unidentified bodies excavated during construction. And if nothing else, that means it's popular with all the right people. $2,205,000
Thomson Scrapyard Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, north-east side of Thomson Scrapyard.
Like any other phase of the property market, Armageddon is really all about location. On the one hand you want the perfect seclusion of the desert. On the other hand, you want to be able to stagger to a 24/7 without dragging your knuckles through too much fallout. Well, look no further: on both counts, this lovely prospect in Blaine County is all set for the mushroom cloud. $2,290,000
Farmhouse Bunker: Grand Senora Desert, south of Bolingbroke Penitentiary.
The Grand Senora ecosystem comes in three tiers: the wannabe hippies staging a made up fire festival; the roaming gangs of mutants who prey on them for sustenance and sport; and the paranoid software tycoon hoarding enough underground munitions to start World War 3. That's right, you're the top of the food chain. $2,375,000


Customization options
Option Description Image Price
Bunker Style There aren't many interior designers willing to take on a sprawling cavern hewn directly out of rock - but there's at least one, and in his occasional lucid moments he had a few ideas. You might as well feel at home: you could be down here for a long time.
  • Option 1: default
  • Option 2: $215,000
  • Option 3: $290,000
Personal Quarters If you're going to sleep soundly through nuclear Armageddon you're going to need a cot and somewhere to change into your hazmat suit.
Shooting Range Never mind foraging, procuring fresh drinking water or treating injuries: when the world ends in San Andreas, your top priority should be working on your aim.
  • Black: $740,000
  • White: $845,000
Gun Locker As the walls start to close in and you become increasingly afraid to go outside, being light on your feet is going to be a priority. Take and leave whatever firepower you need in this personal weapon storage unit.
Transportation There are probably several excellent reasons why a modified golf caddy is the time-honored choice for getting around in your subterranean lair.
  • Caddy 1: $85,000
  • Caddy 2: $120,000



  • At some point before the tour, one can see the employees in the background carrying an EMP device and mistakenly dropping it mid-way, in which Agent 14 complains about "not destroying things". This particular scene is the same used at the end of the heist setup mission Humane Raid - EMP, where they also accidentally dropped it when one of the employees opens the back door of an Insurgent. The difference is that, in the bunker scene, it sounds as if it was a light metallic object, while the one in the heist scene sounds like a proper heavy metallic object.
  • The Bunker shared interior map, along with Warehouses, Vehicle Warehouses and Hangars, is located under Terminal, as the Adversary Modes that takes place in the Bunker will have the corresponding items in there.


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