Bumps and Grinds is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories located at the Harwood Dirt Track; the track cannot be directly accessed by road - Toni either has to go overland to reach it, or follow the promenade that runs along the west side of Portland north to the track. The mission is triggered when Toni mounts a Sanchez parked near a tree on the western side of the course.

The mission is a time trial with 10 different courses to beat. Completing this is required for 100%.

Unlike many submissions, the 10 courses do not need to be beaten in a single session, as you can go away, save, and return at another time to pick up where you left off.

After completing the courses, you can return to the bike and try to beat your best score on each one.

Course times to beat

  • Course 1: 0:58
  • Course 2: 1:15
  • Course 3: 1:14
  • Course 4: 1:13
  • Course 5: 1:30
  • Course 6: 1:32
  • Course 7: 1:30
  • Course 8: 1:51
  • Course 9: 1:23
  • Course 10: 1:19


For each level you complete you get a $100 bonus, plus a Manchez once all 10 levels are completed. You will also get a $10 bonus if you execute a ramp jump that is more than 8 meters long.


  • If you fail a course by either getting off your bike or destroying it, you will need to return to the original Sanchez spawn point and get another bike to retry the course; as the Sanchez may not immediately respawn, you may need to wander around for a bit until it does.
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