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Buletproof Helmets are items featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Last Team Standing Update.


Grand Theft Auto Online

As the name suggests, bulletproof helmets provides a certain degree of protection to the wearer.

When equipping a bulletproof helmet, they provide better protection than normal helmets, allowing the player to survive lethal headshots. The player can survive up to four shots from weapons like a Pistol with a suppressor attached or a single shot from heavier, lethal weapons such as the Heavy Sniper.

The bulletproof helmet is based primarily on the PASGT and ACH U.S. Military developed helmets with a few minor changes. The bulletproof helmet comes without a helmet cover and instead comes with pre-painted camos, which are rarely seen on their real life counterparts.


  • Can be purchased at any clothing store. There are five models:
    • Black: $20,000
    • Gray: $20,300
    • Charcoal: $20,400
    • Tan: $20,700
    • Forest: $21,000


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