Bucky Sligo's House is a house located on Cariboo Avenue in Westdyke, Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV. It only appears in the mission Smackdown.


The house is designed as a dilapidated family house with two floors. It is covered in vines and graffiti and all of its windows are sailed by wooden planks. It features two entrances, a front door and a rear door. On the first floor is the kitchen, connected directly to the living room. It has a TV, couch, a couple of chairs, a broken piano and a radio playing Liberty City Hardcore. In the kitchen there are broken cupboards and kitchen furniture, unwashed tableware and empty food boxes.

The second floor contains a couple of doors, neither of which can be opened and a wardrobe. The house is notably badly lit and as such it may be hard to navigate.

It is only open during the Smackdown mission during which you kill Bucky Sligo, its owner and a couple of his friends, who possibly live there as well. It is implied that the building serves as the main point of Bucky's criminal operations.