Bucky Sligo is a minor character featured in Grand Theft Auto IV. He was an Irish-American character who was linked to criminals in Alderney, Dukes and Ireland. He was an associate of Derrick McReary and Aiden O'Malley.


Sligo was suspected in a string of robberies for which O'Malley was convicted, yet the charges did not stick. Afterward, Sligo often spoke of Derrick McReary as a rat and threatened to kill his family, driving Derrick deeper into heroin use and depression (possibly because Sligo's claims were true).

Events of GTA IV and Death

A down-and-out McReary sent Niko Bellic to kill Sligo. Bellic tracked him down to a Burger Shot restaurant in Westdyke, Alderney. Sligo escaped in his car, retreating to the house where he was holed up with several armed accomplices. A shootout ensued, and Niko killed Sligo and his accomplices.

LCPD Database record

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First Name:Bucky
Place of Birth:Dukes, Liberty City
  • Linked to Criminal Underworld in Ireland and Irish American criminals based in Dukes and Alderney.
Criminal Record:
  • 1970 - Disorderly Conduct
  • 1971 - Civil Disobedience
  • 1974 - Resisting Arrest
  • 1978 - Armed Robbery
  • 1986 - Grand Larceny
  • 1999 - Armed Robbery
  • Associate of Derrick McReary and Aiden O'Malley.
  • Suspected in the string of robberies for which O'Malley was convicted but, despite McReary's testimony. charges did not stick.
  • Recently suspected of running a small time car stealing and larceny operation in Alderney.


Mission Appearances




  • Bucky's gang members are exactly the same model as Irish Mob affiliates.
  • Bucky's appearance is always different, and it's possible that he does not bear any resemblance to his portrait in police database. (Ex. Glasses, Mustache, Blue T-shirt and Blue Eyes.)
  • Sligo is a town and county and in northwestern Ireland and is twinned with Tallahassee in Florida, which refers to his Irish-American history.
  • In his LCPD database photo, he has the same facial texture as Little Italy taxi drivers. He uses the same model in-game.
  • In his safehouse, he has a poster of Love Fist. Bucky's safehouse can also be entered online.
  • His name may be derived from famous mobster Bugsy Siegel.
  • In his house, a bottle of Blox can be found, a cleaning product first seen in GTA Vice City.
  • A worn Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas advert for Burger Shot's "Double Barreled" can be seen within his house.


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