Bryony Craddock is a unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.


She can be heard on Vice City Public Radio. Bryony is a patriotic, feministic white trash woman, described as being from 'low income' by Martin Graves, and is mentioned to attend every city council meeting to mouth off. Bryony has fifteen children and is pregnant with her sixteenth child, giving birth at the end of the show. Craddock has a number of strong opinions, including that her pregnancies are helping to stop white Americans being 'over run' in Vice City and that the family and mothers are key to society. She is also extremely religious, scathing at Graves' suggestion that religion is irrelevant. She also suggests that one of her sons wants to kill foreigners due to watching the State of the Union Address.

She is committed to her husband, despite knowing that he sleeps with prostitutes. She has also convinced herself that her husband only fancies her whilst she is pregnant, causing her continuous pregnancies.

Society and the future are, according to Bryony, immoral. She states her dislike of Crow, high prices for goods, commercials (such as Little Lacy Surprise), the possibility of robots in the future and patriarchal inventions (such as the calculator, made to 'keep women down'). Maurice Chavez, by the end of the program, also 'revolts' her. She looks back to a time when Vice City stood for freedom that was controlled and where people acted similarly, and believes that mothers founded the city.

She is voiced by Shelagh Ratner.


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