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Man, people just need faith. Not be normal cynics.
— Bruce Spade

Bruce Spade is a minor character in The Ballad of Gay Tony.



Spade is a well-known activist for the green movement, crime and poverty reduction, and ending the War in Iraq. He aspires to win the Nobel Peace Prize out of vanity, and once fired his agent because he couldn't get him a speaking role at the Civilization Committee, which is normally only for world leaders.

Events of The Ballad of Gay Tony

He is encountered in The Ballad of Gay Tony during the Club Management side missions. When Spade plans to appear at Maisonette 9, Tony Prince insisted he use a helicopter to make a grand entrance. Luis Lopez picks Spade up in Northwood, where he is filming a Fleeca credit card commercial (but insists he isn't "selling out", and calls the young director a "genius"). Spade didn't request a helicopter since he only travels in carbon neutral vehicles and is afraid of heights. Because of this, Bruce will complain if Luis flies the helicopter too high during the ride to Maisonette 9.

During the helicopter ride, Bruce talks about how he wishes he could stay in Liberty City a little bit longer to help with the crime issue, but has to leave for Los Santos the next morning for a meeting with the director of a new movie he might be acting in.

Bruce also tells Luis that he wants to start his own production company, and is planning to call it SpadeJoints. The company will focus on making films that are "gritty, real, and believably violent", so that people will "truly understand what real violence does to people". His first priority would be to sign the young credit card commercial director to the company.

As Luis approaches Maisonette 9, the street in front of the club will be cordoned off in order for the helicopter to land safely.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

By the time of Grand Theft Auto V, circa 2013, Spade has teamed up with Merryweather Security chairman Don Percival, with Percival aiming to conduct military action in countries where Spade has carried out humanitarian work. Spade is mentioned during the Vinewood Star Tours, where is said that he is the owner of The Dungeon Crawler nightclub on Eclipse Boulevard, which he opened in 1996.

While talking on his cellphone, a male NPC may comment on how he saw Spade at Bean Machine, adding that he was 'barely over the counter small.'


Bruce's personality and lifestyle could possibly be influenced by Leonardo DiCaprio, Sean Penn, Bono, or Brad Pitt. His name appears to be a combination of actors Bruce Willis and David Spade.