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Hey rude boy. I got the idea that you got the job done a ting. Yeah, I'm just sayin' well done on that. Serious cash in the briefcase, you know. So uh... I don't think I'll be seeing you for a long time!
— Brother Marcus.

Brother Marcus is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto.


Brother Marcus is the leader of the Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love in Vice City and has been in a gang war for over seven years. Brother Marcus is said to control the drugs trade in Vice City.

According to his VCPD crime record, Marcus is a cross-dresser, dressing up as "Sister Elisha" on Saturday nights. He is currently being investigated for bombings, executions, woundings, various ninja high jinks, Ganja propaganda, fraud, pilfering and dealing narcotics.

VCPD Database Record

Name : Marcus A.K.A. : Brother Marcus, Sister Elisha (Sat. evenings only)
D.O.B : 05/30/67 Height : Unknown
Distinguishing Marks :n/a
Past Offences :
various Ninja high jinks
Ganja propoganda
Dealing Narcotics
Known Associates :
Brothers Davey, Eck, Soapy, Boab, Wullie, Hen, Horace, Joe, Paw an' Granpaw. Sisters Daphne, Maggie, Maw and Bairn.
Notes :
The provisional Brotherhood of Jah Army of Love have been waging a campaign of terror for over 7 years now. The control almost all of the drug trade in Vice City, although sources indicate that they operate a 'one for you - two for me' method that has curtailed their violence somewhat.



  • According to the January 2001 exclusive Grand Theft Auto III world premiere found in PlayStation 2 Official Magazine (UK) Issue 3, Dan Houser had plans to bring back popular characters from the original 2D Universe games such as Bubba, Brother Marcus, some of the characters from GTA London, and gangs from GTA 2 to the 3D Universe.


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