For the actual park located in Grand Theft Auto IV's Broker, see Outlook.

Soccer field.

Broker Park is a public park located in East Vinewood, Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. It is bordered by Bridge Street to the north, Glory Way to the south and the Los Santos Freeway to the west.


The park includes a soccer field at the western end, picnic tables, a half pipe park, a playground, public restrooms and a fountain at its eastern end. A small parking lot can also be found here.



Park location on map.

Broker Park is likely based largely on Prospect Park, a small community park in Brooklyn Heights, the northern section of the larger, consolidated neighborhood of Boyle Heights. Not only do the two parks share several similar design fetures and amenities, but Prospect Park in Los Angeles was named for the famed East Coast park by developers from the then-independent City of Brooklyn (whose HD Universe counterpart is the Liberty City borough of Broker).

Perhaps not coincidentally, both Broker Park and the real-life Prospect Park can be found off of a road named "Bridge Street", and both are located blocks from their cities' eponymous rivers (the Los Santos and Los Angeles Rivers, respectively).

Events in GTA Online


  • A BMX spawns at the half pipe.


  • A baseball bat can be found behind the northern bleachers of the soccer field, near Bridge Street.


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