The Broker Line is an LTA train line that serves the outer neighborhoods of Broker and Dukes in Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Unlike most of the other railway lines in the city, the Broker Line is completely overground. Between Hove Beach station and Schottler station a second line branches off from the eastern line towards a rail yard. Between Huntington Street station and Francis International Airport station there is a small branch line which leaves the main line at a T-Junction. This branch line terminates at Dukes Boulevard Station, though no trains serve the line as Dukes Boulevard Station is closed for "works maintenance".

  • Route 8 trains run clockwise in Broker, counter-clockwise in Dukes
  • Route 3 trains run counter-clockwise in Broker, clockwise in Dukes
  • Immediately after departing Hove Beach, Route 8 services change to Route A for the Algonquin Outer Line with a corresponding announcement of "This is the A train, the next stop is Easton station."
  • Like the counterparts of the J/3 lines, Manganese East is the first stop where Northbound J trains for the Algonquin Outer Line are referred to. As a north-by-westbound Route 3 service prepares to depart Huntington Street Lower Level Station, an announcement will be made saying "This is the J train, the next stop is Manganese East station," followed by the stantard door chime and departure.


Listed as per Route 3:

For trains in the opposite direction (Route 8), the connections are with Route A.


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