The Broker Fire Station, also named Broker Fire Dept., is a fire house of the Fire Department of |Liberty City in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located in Rotterdam Hill, Broker.


Located on the corner of Mohawk Avenue and Dillon Street, the firehouse is a 4-story high building serving Broker. Its design appears to have Italianate architectural influences. The building houses two garages for fire trucks, although no Fire Trucks spawn at this fire station in GTA IV. It has a fully-detailed interior with fire equipment and clothing, and several fire fighters can be seen in and out of the building. Hanging on the wall outside is a large US flag and an FDLC emblem on the eastern corner. On the Mohawk Avenue side of the building, "FDLC" in a large yellow font is painted onto the brick wall.

The building also appears in GTA Chinatown Wars. While its location and appearance is largely the same, the building's facade now consists of 5 columns of windows and only the FDLC sign remaining (PSP/Nintendo DS) or two FDLC signs on either side of the building (iOS/Android), and the US flag has been removed. A Fire Truck also spawns inside the fire station. The truck is parked perpendicular to the building in the PSP/Nintendo DS versions of the game, and along the building in the iOS/Android versions.

It appears to be based on several fire houses within Brooklyn, New York. The overall design of the building is reminiscent of FDNY Engine 210, 160 Carlton Avenue, while the two-wide garage door design resembles that of FDNY Engine 205/Ladder 118, 72 Middagh Street.



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