The Broker-Dukes Tunnel (unofficial name) is a tunnel in Grand Theft Auto IV that connects with Huntington Street in the north, and passes underneath the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway to Cassidy Street in Broker.


Location Type Road Direction
Schottler Road begin Cassidy Street e/b toward Wenrohronon Avenue
w/b toward Seneca Avenue
Cerveza Heights Road crossing Huntington Street e/b toward Lynch Street & Stillwater Avenue
w/b toward Dukes Boulevard & Stone Street
Road end Charleston Avenue n/b toward Livingston Street & San Jacinto Avenue
s/b toward Thornton Street


Its real life counterpart may be East New York Avenue, where it passes underneath Atlantic Avenue and the East New York station of the LIRR, although visually it's more similar to the Battery Park underpass in lower Manhattan.


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