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Brokenback Books is a book retailer in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The store has one location, located inside the Vice Point Mall, and is accessible to the player. The store has a fairly small interior.

In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the books store also appears. However, it it unnamed as there is no sign above the entrance. The doors are also closed and while there are breakable windows (which can also be broken as a requirement in the mission Shakedown), bookshelves and racks behind them make it impossible for the player to enter the store.


While the store is inaccessible in GTA: Vice City, there are labeled book stands with various genres listed: They are:

  • Biography - books with biographies.
  • Travel - travel books.
  • Art & Design - books on interior decoration.
  • Crime & Thrillers - different detective stories and thrillers.
  • Children - books intended for children.

Books for Sale

There also appears to be several individual books for sale. There are as listed:

  • Making A Killing
  • Vice City
  • Vice City and Vice City Beach
  • Deep Plowing
  • Full Of Seamen
  • No Chance
  • FAT For Life
  • Trials



  • The name is a pun on a book's spine ("back") being broken.
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