Bristols, also known as Bristols Fuel Storage and Bristols Coke Storage, is a storage company in Grand Theft Auto V.


The company operates a coke and fuel storage plant in Grand Theft Auto V in the Port of Los Santos on Elysian Island. The storage plant is large with a long storage building, several storage tanks, and a harbor where cargo barge boats can be seen docked. Some of the fuel storage tanks at the plant state that it is the "San Andreas plant", which suggests the company operates other plants and storage facilities in other states.

There is a Bristols entrance sign above a road between Plaice Place and Signal Street which, however, does not actually lead to the storage plant.


The Bristols storage plant could be based on the storage plants and refineries of Chemoil, Oxbow Corporation, and Morton Salt in the Port of Long Beach, Los Angeles.


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