The Brigham is a vehicle in Grand Theft Auto 1 and a cut vehicle Grand Theft Auto III.


Grand Theft Auto 1

The Brigham is depicted as a basic 4-door sedan that seems to be based on the Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham, judging by its name and the fact that it serves as the base model for the Limousine.

Grand Theft Auto III

The Brigham was also meant to be featured in Grand Theft Auto III, but was cut for an unknown reason. It was based on the Chevrolet Impala, with some influence of the Chevrolet Caprice primarily the models from the 80's.


Grand Theft Auto 1

It has a fairly average top speed, but great acceleration as well as reasonable handling and durability.

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Main article: Limousine

The Limousine is a limo version of the Brigham, appearing with an extended chassis, a sunroof and an antenna on the trunk. Depending of the city it appears, the vehicle spawns with four different paint schemes.


Grand Theft Auto 1

  • The Brigham can only be seen driving around Vice City. It is featured in five missions. It mission Phone 31, the player has to collect a bank robber by a Brigham, and take him to a garage of Samuel Deever. In mission Phone 33, the protagonist has to distribute drugs using two Brighams. In mission Phone 34, violent protesters attack the Limousine of the player and his passenger in the yard of the abortion clinic, blocking the exit by two Brighams. In mission Phone 35, the player has to steal a Brigham of the Rastas, and go to the car dealership yard to demolish a lot of vehicles. In mission Phone 53, the protagonist has to collect Judge Alberts by a bomb-fitted Brigham, and then kill him. All mission-featured Brighams are red.


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