Bridge of Death is a user-created deathmatch by Junestar225, and was added in the first batch of Rockstar verified jobs on December 30, 2013. This deathmatch takes place on the Miriam Turner Overpass with various objects used for cover scattered throughout the bridge, and consists of close to medium range combat.


Players spawn on separate sides of the Miriam Turner Overpass, with one Buzzard Attack Chopper per team. Located in the middle of the map are clusters of destroyed vehicles, as well as several other fortifications like sandbags and barriers. Firearms and thrown weapons are distributed around the map for players to acquire. Due to the size of the map, matches can get very chaotic, but the cover placed throughout the map can help the player when he/she is in danger.





  • Right when the match begins, try to get in the Buzzard Attack Chopper. When inside, take out the enemy Buzzard Attack Chopper as soon as possible. After you finish that, change your weapon to the missile launcher that does not using homing. That will allow the pilot to fire missiles at the players on the bridge without it locking onto random targets. Stay a safe distance so enemies cannot shoot you through the windshield and pay very close attention to RPGs that might head at your direction. Keep using the non-homing missiles against the enemy team and that will provide a ton of support for your team.
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