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Put these assholes in the ground, brothers!
Brian Jeremy ordering his gang to kill Johnny Klebitz and his friends.

Brian Jeremy's Biker Gang is a splinter faction of The Lost MC and serves as the tertiary antagonistic group of The Lost and Damned.


Jeremy's Biker gang was a splinter faction of The Lost MC that Brian Jeremy founded following Billy Grey's arrest after a failed drug deal with the Triads. The splinter-club was formed from those members who believed Johnny Klebitz had sold Billy out. However, the opposite is later revealed in the The Ballad of Gay Tony mission "Chinese Takeout".

The splinter-club first appears in the mission "End of Chapter"; Jim Fitzgerald and Terry Thorpe tell Johnny that Brian wants to meet at the Alderney docks to call a truce. However, Brian reveals his hostile intentions at the meet as he betrays them and orders those loyal to him to open fire. All of the members that attack Jim, Johnny, Terry, and Clay Simons are killed but Brian escapes. Considering the massive amount of members that attacked on Brian's orders, it appears that Brian convinced a significant portion of The Lost to defect.

In the mission "Bad Standing", it is revealed that Ray Boccino (who The Lost had met before) had been allied with the Jeremy biker gang. However, claiming that the civil dispute between the two was "bad for business", Boccino betrayed Jeremy and gave Klebitz Brian's address. Potentially using Terry and Clay for backup, Johnny storms the house and eventually confronts Brian. He is given the choice of either killing or sparing him, with Klebitz taking the safehouse as his own either way.

Brian Jeremy will later lead Klebitz to a final ambush (during which Brian and the remnants of his splinter-club are killed off) during a Random Encounter if he was spared in "Bad Standing".


Prominent Appearances in Missions


  • Johnny calls Brian's faction "fucking part-timers", implying that only part-time bikers, not involved in club business, could follow Brian.