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Brazil is the largest country in both South America and the Latin American region. It is the world's fifth largest country by geographical area and the sixth by population. It is the largest Lusophone country in the world, and the only one in the Americas.

It is bordered on the north by Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and the French overseas region of French Guiana; on the northwest by Colombia; on the west by Bolivia and Peru; on the southwest by Argentina and Paraguay and on the south by Uruguay.

The Brazilian economy is the world's ninth largest by nominal GDP and eighth largest by PPP. A member of the BRIC group, Brazil has one of the world's fastest growing major economies, with its economic reforms giving the country new international recognition and influence.

It is mentioned many times in the Grand Theft Auto series.

3D Universe

Grand Theft Auto III

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

  • A Brazilian flag can be seen at a store near the The Greasy Chopper.
  • Brazil is mentioned in the song Breaks by Kurtis Blow in the Wildstyle radio station.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • In San Fierro, the waxing clinic Fud's Brazilian Waxing, provides, as implied, Brazilian waxing.
  • Herr Gruber's Spa is an international spa business owned by Herr Gruber, who has opened spas all around the world, including countries as Germany, Switzerland and Brazil. The business can be heard on radio station commercials.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

  • The Carioca Latin Dance is a Brazilian dancing school.
  • There are grocery stores called Verdi. This is a misspelling of "verde", which means "green" in Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Romanian.

HD Universe

Grand Theft Auto IV

  • There is a Brazilian store located in Hove Beach, Broker.
  • There is a pedestrian model that speaks Brazilian Portuguese. He appears to be a young, light-skinned, Latino man who usually wears a blue or brown denim jacket, a hoodie, or a large t-shirt/sports jersey over a longer-sleeved shirt. He is always wearing light or dark blue jeans with sneakers or boots. He may have a bald head or cropped hair. This model is also shared by a pedestrian who speaks Puerto Rican Spanish. He is commonly found in neighborhoods that have significant Latino populations (East Holland, Northwood, South Bohan, Cerveza Heights, Acter, Tudor).
    • There is a also second pedestrian model that speaks Brazilian Portuguese. He appears as an older, tan-skinned, Latino man who usually wears a hoodie zipped half-way up or a sleeveless shirt with chains, cargo shorts with long socks or jeans with sneakers, and may or may not wear a head bandanna. This model is also shared by a drug dealing pedestrian who speaks Spanish. The most common place to find him is uptown Algonquin (North Holland, East Holland and Northwood). Both of these pedestrians, while primarily speaking Brazilian Portuguese, also use words and phrases in English in their dialogue, albeit spoken with a Rio de Janeiro accent.
  • The site states that the "Flat Line" SFX ringtone was recorded from an actual person's death, and that the person died from a Brazilian sexual trasmitted disease.
  • The Brazilian Gang is a gang from Grand Theft Auto IV. Their only appearance is during the Industrial Action mission, but it is possible they may not appear at all. However, if they appear, they will look like Brazilian drug dealers. Some may try to use two Landstalkers parked on the road south of the walkway to escape.

Episodes from Liberty City

Grand Theft Auto V


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