"You want to do a cross-desert rally raid, but none of the 4x4s on offer will make you look like enough of a rich douchebag? Well, we've got the car for you. Part racer, part off-roader, all asshole with a large dollop of suspension. You won't know if you're crushing protected wilderness or the bones of the underpriviledged under your deep-tread, titanium, reinforced tires. This is the natural order of things." description.

The Coil Brawler is a rally raid vehicle featured in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online, and was introduced as part of the Ill-Gotten Gains Part 2 Update.


The vehicle is heavily based on the Local Motors Rally Fighter. It has a buggy-like design with off-road modifications and attachments. The Brawler has roof lights and guard lights that are non-functional in Los Santos Customs.

Current Design Gallery

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The Brawler excels well in handling, both on and off-road, and suffers little spinout compared to the Bifta which is highly prone to spinning out even at medium speeds. Although its top speed is only average, its acceleration is excellent for on or off-road races. Tires are susceptible to gunshots due to its elevated height so bulletproof tires are a must to reduce the risk of a tire blowout. Collision resistance is above average and it doesn't usually deform much. The car's braking, however, is among the worst in the game. Even with full upgrades, the car takes more than double the distance to stop compared to almost every other car in the game. If attempting to stop, one might benefit from using the handbrake and the regular brakes together, and be wary of wheel lockup. The car is also highly prone to flipping when making high speed turns in off-road and dirt road environments making suspension upgrades highly advisable in the case of a quick getaway or racing.

GTA V Overview

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  • In the protagonists' garage (Xbox 360/PS3)
  • Available from for $715,000 (XB1/PS4/PC)

GTA Online

  • Available from for $715,000



  • In the game code, the Brawler is technically an all-wheel drive vehicle with 9% of the power going to the front wheels. This isn't enough power to spin the wheels should the Brawler be flipped, but is enough to keep the front wheels spinning.


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