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A comely passageway through two well-rounded mountains, the Braddock Pass has become better known as a sordid sexual euphemism in recent years.
— GTA V manual

Braddock Pass is a mountain pass located in the State of San Andreas feautered in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. It connects the communities of Grapeseed and Paleto Bay via Route 13 although only the northbound lane runs through the actual pass, southbound traffic runs parallel through the nearby Braddock Tunnel. It is nestled between Mount Gordo and Mount Chiliad. A rail line also runs through it, bringing freight from factories in Paleto Bay to the city of Los Santos.The pit stop nearby contains a gas station along with a Limited LTD Service convenience store. There is also the Braddock Farm in the southern end, where illegal substances are being grown.


Roads and Streets



Braddock Pass appears to be based on the Gaviota State Park in California.


  • If the player has a wanted level and is standing on a train, when the train reaches the main bridges of the Braddock Pass, police vehicles (Sheriff Cruisers and/or Sheriff SUVs, depending on the wanted level) will always spawn on the train line, and will be pushed or crushed by the train. Further down the line, more vehicles will do the same thing or even fall into the train line. This is most likely a spawn glitch.