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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
For a complete list of the features of the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC version of Grand Theft Auto Online, please see here.
Not to be confused with GTA Online Bounties, Lester Kill Target or GTA V Bail Bond missions.

Hello stranger! I interest you in some bounty hunting? We're in no short supply of those that need bringing into the bosom of the law. Just need to find them or kill them if needs be?
— Maude's introductory text message.

Bounty Targets [2] are a series of missions in the enhanced version of Grand Theft Auto Online added as part of After Hours update. It served as a teaser for Red Dead Redemption 2.


An unsolicited text message is sent to the player from Maude Eccles, offering work as a bounty hunter.

Maude will contact the player with an email with a mugshot of the target. A GPS marker with an approximate last known location will be marked on the player's map. The player must search the location within the marked area. As the player gets close to the target, a metallic wind chime sound effect will ring, similar to the Treasure Hunt.

The target area could be exited and re-entered if the target has not been engaged. If the player exits Online Mode or closes the game while a bounty mission is not finished, then a new bounty target will be assigned when online free mode is started again, but the overall progress will be kept.

Bounty Targets

There are five bounties to collect who will be selected randomly from a list of 20 possible NPCs.


The five randomly selected bounties can be located in any one of a number of possible locations. Note: the target may not be in the same location within the target area every time, the images below are intended as examples only. There are more areas including La Fuente Blanca and Kortz Center added in later updates. Gang attack missions that involve nearby zones may also trigger.

GPS Map area Location(s)

Possible location at Harmony trailer park.

Sandy Shores west.

Possible location by the pool at the Derelict Motel.

Possible location by the Oriental Theater.

Possible location at Chumash.

Another Barbareno Road location

Possible location at Grapeseed.

Another possible location.

Possible location in Legion Square.

Sandy Shores central.

Possible location in Sandy Shores.

Possible location in Backlot City.


Maude's emails and text messages will be identical through each of the five targets irrespective of which character is selected (i.e. the 20 possible characters do not have unique introductions).

Email message Surrendered/Killed text message
To: Player
From: Maude
Hey there, ready for this? Got a tip on where this piece of detritus been hiding. Sent you the coordinates so get over there and capture em. This is the mugshot they've got on file.
— Maude.
Good work on that capture. I hope you're pleased with the reward. I'll email over details of the next absconder soon
— Maude
To: Player
From: Maude
Hey, I've got another one for you, miserable soul. Head over the the coords on your GPS, and save them from themselves.
— Maude.
Another criminal pulled into the bosom of justice. I've sent your payment. Be in touch soon with details on the next scumbucket.
— Maude
To: Player
From: Maude
Are you ready for another bail jumper? They was last seen lurking around the area on your GPS. Just look at that face... not even their momma could love that.
— Maude.
To: Player
From: Maude
Hey, want to hear a secret? Got a tip-off about a target we're after. They're over at the spot on your GPS. Don't tell them who told you where to find them.
— Maude.
To: Player
From: Maude
Well... this is the only name left on my list. I've sent the location for the slippery little weasel. Teach them the true meaning of suffering, why don't you? And make me proud.
— Maude.
Honey, that's my list of reprobates been crossed off. Guess I can watch my TV in peace a while. One more thing that might be of interest though. That last jumper had a stash spot. Sent you coordinates for it just now. Call it a tip, huh.
— Maude.

Dead or Alive

A bounty target can be taken alive by melee attack on the target until they surrender. Although certain low-damage per shot firearms like a Pistol will also cause the target to surrender once they are injured, provided the player does not aim for a headshot. Some targets may become aggressive when the player approaches and fight back, either bare-handed or with a melee weapon, such as a Baseball Bat, Bottle or Knife. Some melee weapons will one-shot kill the target, while others can safely be used to subdue the bounty quickly. e.g.

Once they surrender, they will then follow the player into a vehicle to be returned to Maude at her trailer just to the east of Beam Me Up in the Grand Senora Desert. If the player dies while transporting a bounty, the progress will roll back to the previous bounty and a new target will be given. If the target dies, then the bounty will progress to the next level as if the player killed the target. Unlike Trevor's deliveries, Maude will not appear physically at her trailer when the player delivers a live bounty. A small cutscene will play.

A player may choose to kill the target instead of capturing them, but the bounty paid will be halved.


  • Every live bounty returned will pay $10,000 in cash.
    • Dead bounty targets will only pay $5,000.

On completion of the 5th bounty, Maude will text message that the last bail jumper had a stash and she will send coordinates for the spot.

The target's secret stash has been revealed. Go there to unlock the chest and collect your reward.

The treasure chest contains the exclusive Stone Hatchet. Claiming the weapon unlocks the Kills Challenge. Unlike the Treasure Hunt where both player characters need to complete the hunt to unlock the Double-Action Revolver for themselves, unlocking the Stone Hatchet on one character will automatically unlock it for the player's second character slot.

Chest Locations

Kills Challenge

Once the player has the Stone Hatchet, they will be informed they need to perform 25 melee kills with it on other players or NPCs. Performing a kill will also activate the Stone Hatchet Rampage ability which acts like Trevor Philips' special rampage ability, temporarily reducing damage taken and speeding up health regeneration. Performing further kills with the Stone Hatchet while the Rampage ability is active will extend the amount of time it's active for.

There is a 1-minute cool-down before the Rampage ability can be re-activated after it runs out.

The kills can be completed during missions, however the Rampage ability will not be available.


  • $250,000
  • An exclusive weapon unlock in Rockstar Games' Red Dead Redemption 2 for Rockstar Social Club linked accounts.

Instructional Messages

You have received a job offer from Maude Eccles to collect bounties. Open the text message on your phone to view it and accept the job.
Maude will be in touch soon with the details of the first bounty target.
You have received an email from Maude about the first bounty target. Open the email app on your phone to view it.
Search the last known location Bountylocation-yellow.png of the bounty target to find them.
You are nearing the bounty target's last known location. Search the area to find and capture the target.
The sound of bells can be heard when nearing the location of the bounty target. Use this to help you find them.
A larger reward will be given if the bounty target is captured alive. Injure the target Bountytarget-red.png to make them stop and surrender.
The bounty target has surrendered and will now follow you. Take them to Maude's trailer Maude-yellow.png to collect your reward.
Maude will be in touch soon with the details of the next/final bounty target.
You have received an email from Maude about the next/final bounty target. Open the email app on your phone to view it.
The target's secret stash Blips-GTAO-TreasureChest-Yellow.png has been revealed. Go there to unlock the chest and collect your reward.
Press D-Pad Right (Xbox)/D-Pad Right (PlayStation)/ E to open the chest.
Get 25 kills with the Stone Hatchet to unlock a GTA$ reward and exclusive access to this weapon in Red Dead Redemption 2.
The Stone Hatchet gives you access to the Rampage ability. This ability temporarily reduces damage taken and speeds up health regeneration while active.
Chain kills with the Stone Hatchet to maintain the Rampage ability for longer. There is a short delay before you can activate the ability again.
There is a short delay before you can activate the Rampage ability again.
Stone Hatchet Challenge complete. When available, log into Red Dead Redemption 2 with your linked Social Club account to unlock this as an exclusive discoverable weapon.


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