"— Oh! What did I do last night?
Bounce! The party never stops on Bounce.
— It burns when I pee!
The party on Bounce, Bounce, Bounce.
— Damn! I gotta go to the clinic!
— Bounce FM
"The indescribable Funktipus plays the indefinable funk. The sound that has had Los Santos partying for twenty years is now on 'The Party', on Bounce FM. The Funktipus will open your eyes to what is really happening out there."
— GTA San Andreas Website

Bounce FM is a funk, disco, soul and R&B radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, hosted by The Funktipus (voiced by George Clinton).


Bounce is the station to have a party in San Andreas, it has many of the best acts of the '70s and '80s in funk and disco. 3 of the songs in its playlist are played in the rhythm minigames of GTA San Andreas, cementing its status as the radio to throw a party with.

Bounce's idents make humorous comments about the "anything goes" nature of its parties, such as "the party doesn't stop until everyone's pregnant" and "don't hide in the bathroom! Share your stash with everyone, baby!"

Bounce also takes an Afrofuturistic identity, calling the station as the "Party-Ship" and throwing space-themed comments.

Bounce's host, The Funktipus, is voiced by legendary funk artist George Clinton. He makes many references in his dialogue to lyrics of Clinton's band Parliament-Funkadelic, which was one of the main driving forces in the whole Afrofuturism artistic genre. The Funktipus is a jolly, laid-back, party-loving guy who makes humorous comments, such as when he urges listeners "now put on some condoms in your ears, because these songs will fuck your mind up!"


* - This song is missing from the re-released versions of the game.



Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Bounce FM

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Bounce FM


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