Boomshine Saigon is the second and last mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City done for Phil Cassidy.



Phil wants you to check out his new boomshine bombs he's been building, so go and pay him a visit.

The Mission

Go and visit Phil in his shop. He is drunk but he wants to show you something: his boomshine bombs! As he presses the detonator, the bomb did not explode. So the drunk Phil goes over there to fix it, but by doing so he accidentally sets off the bomb right next to him, blowing off his left arm.

Now you will have to drive Phil to the hospital. But, thanks to the vapors of Phil's boomshine, you are dizzy and have impaired vision. Driving in this section is particularly difficult as your ability to steer is delayed. Every other control is fine though.

Take Phil to the hospital as fast as possible or he will eventually bleed to death, as is emphasized by Phil bleeding during the trip. If a cop sees you, you will receive a wanted level. When you get to the hospital, Phil will tell you that the hospital has too many cops and Viet Cong, and to take him to a war surgeon located nearby who owes him a few favors and a lawnmower.

Drop Phil off at the surgeon to complete the mission.Upon completing the mission, you receive $4000 and an ability to buy weapons from Phil.


(Phil's Place, Tommy Vercetti and Phil Cassidy).

Tommy: Hey Phil, how's it goin?

Phil: Heeyyyy, Tommy. Howyadoin'? Ish been too long...

Tommy: I swear you should lay off that boomshine, man - smells like paint stripper. Making my eyes burn...

Phil: Shshs shhh youshelf Tommy, and come over here because there's someshin' I wanna show you.. someshin.

Tommy: Woof! God! Should I be able to smell that from way over here? I'm feeling woozy.

Phil: Don'tchaworry about the shmell Tommy, you jush wash thish.

(Phil clicks on the detonator, but nothing happens, so he walks over to the bomb).

Phil: Shittycheapbatteriesh or shumin'. There'sh shum more on the bench. TA-DAAA!

(The bomb explodes and blows off Phil's right arm).

Phil: Aww Damn!

(Phil's Truck, Phil).

Phil: Watch out! Charlie in the tree line!

Phil: Is it me or are the roads made of jelly?

Phil: Broken Spoon to Mother Hen, you copy?

Phil: Spooney Wooney Woo Woo Woooo!

Phil: He's come for me boy!

(Hospital, Phil).

Phil: Not the hospital, man! Too many cops and Viet Cong! There's an ex-army surgeon owes me a few favors and a lawnmower. He's got a place down Little Havana - ooo look, a giant fish.

(Phil's Truck, Phil).

Phil: Black feathered wings beating all around...

Phil: It's beautiful, man... it's beautiful... but so cold...


  • The mission scene has the song "Burnin' For You" by Blue Oyster Cult. This is the only time this song appears at all in this game.
  • During the cutscene, Phil blows off his right arm. However, it shows him with it intact and his left arm missing when you drop him off at the doctor.
  • The reason the screen is blurry in this mission is because Tommy Vercetti was drunk on boomshine by smelling it.

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