Barrels of Boomshine in the Ocean View Hotel, GTA Vice City.

Boomshine is the name of a volatile, highly flammable mixture of liquor and drug in the Grand Theft Auto series. It is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, and on Grand Theft Auto III's Liberty Tree article. According to Phil Cassidy and Tommy Vercetti, Boomshine's fumes itself are apparently enough to intoxicate a person. Its name is a reference to moonshine, a type of home-made liquor that is known for its highly volatile alcohol content and flammability.

Description and Appearances In-Game

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories

In GTA Vice City Stories, Phil Cassidy has a cache of Boomshine stored in his warehouse in Little Havana. Phil asks Victor Vance to drive him because of a threatened attack by the Cholos. Upon arrival, an explosion occurs in the warehouse, which has been set on fire by the Cholos. Due to the Boomshine's volatility, Victor uses a Forklift to place the Boomshine crates onto the bed of Phil's Walton. Later, during Marked Men, Phil uses the Boomshine as explosives to defend himself from Jerry Martinez's goons.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

During the events of Boomshine Saigon in GTA: Vice City, a drunken Phil shows Tommy Vercetti explosives made from Boomshine in his compound in Little Haiti. Phil, in a heavily drunken state, does not realize the dangers of the Boomshine, and, as a result, sets it off. The explosion causes Phil's arm to be blown off, causing Tommy to rush him to medical treatment. The Boomshine's ambient fumes gives Tommy a drunken haze, but he is still able to drive him to a hospital in Little Havana after refusing to go to the West Haven Community Healthcare Center, believing it to be a hideout for the Viet Cong and police. On their way, Phil recollects war memories during the drive, which most likely causes his belief that his arm was lost in Nicaragua sometime before 1998. During Publicity Tour, the killer who hates Love Fist attempts to use Boomshine explosives rigged to the band's limousine to kill the band if the car is not driven at a fast speed, although the band's members manages to defuse the bomb, saving them.


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