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Dear Toni, I've put myself up as the first prize in a street-race. If Salvatore finds out about this we're both going to be in big trouble. So you'd better come and save my ass... then maybe it'll belong to you! Forever yours, Maria.
Maria Latore's letter.

Booby Prize is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories given to protagonist Toni Cipriani by Maria Latore from her home in the Saint Mark's district of Portland, Liberty City.


Maria has left a letter in her Saint Mark's apartment, stating she has put herself up for first prize in a motorcycle race around Chinatown and Callahan Point. Because her risky behavior may upset an already paranoid Salvatore, Toni is told to "save [her] ass" by winning a two-lap checkpoint race against three competitors on Sanchez's.

The player has the option of using any motorcycle in the race, but a PCJ-600 or Manchez (if the player unlocks it earlier) is usually most preferable for its speed and handling. Once the player completes the race in first place, a cutscene plays with Toni pleading for Maria to return home, but Maria claims that she is not bound to anyone's whims and decides to leave with Wayne, another contestant in the race, instead. The two ride off on a Freeway, going to a party.


There is no monetary reward for completing the mission, but the completion unlocks the mission Biker Heat for Maria and Contra-Banned for Salvatore Leone, along with the Red Light Racing race.

Post-Mission Phone Call

Salvatore Leone: Anthony? It's Salvatore. Have you seen Maria? I swear I can only find that bitch when she needs money! Come on over and see me soon. I got some work for you.

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  • Regardless what vehicle Toni is driving when he arrives at Maria's place, it disappears after the cutscene. Although there are numerous bikes around, a PCJ-600, the fastest bike in the game, can be obtained at Leone's house not far from Maria's. Note: one way to avoid the "disappearing vehicle" glitch is to park the bike a half a block or so away from Maria's place before triggering the cutscene; this will save time if retrying the mission.
  • Players used to the handling of the motorbikes in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas may wish to become familiar with how motorcycles handle in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. In particular, Toni can't increase his skill with a bike the way Carl Johnson could; as a result, the slightest collisions are capable of causing Toni's bike to veer wildly off-course, or worse, throw him from the bike, making it difficult to get back in the race in time.
  • Like other street races in the game, killing an opponent automatically ends the race, as does wrecking their bike.
  • It is actually possible to complete the mission using an opponent's bike without any penalties. This can be achieved by hitting them with a bat, which throws them off the bike, or ramming a bike with a car, causing the opponent to fly off. This will not work in the mobile versions, however, since the mission automatically fails after doing one of them.