"Meth dealers are aggressive and unpredictable, especially when you arrive on their turf unannounced, and that turf just happens to be a junkyard out in the Senora Desert with no witnesses for miles around. Be prepared for multiple ambushes that escalate in severity with each wave of attack."

Boneyard is a Survival job in Grand Theft Auto Online, located at the Thomson Scrapyard near Sandy Shores


Standard Survival rules apply. The enemies are Rednecks.

Players can hide behind cover, such as inside the warehouse, on the roof, or behind destroyed vehicles, such as planes, cars, and vans. In addition to the normal health pack and body armor pickups, a soda vending machine is located inside the main warehouse building and can be used by the players during rounds.


  • An easy way to complete this Survival is for the player to position themselves between a trailer and a fence located slightly west of the center of the map, near the westernmost health pickup. Here, the player is covered from all angles. Due to the open spaces of the area and how enemies are programmed, enemies will be constantly running for cover and not shooting, making for some very easy kills. **However, the player need to be mindful that if playing solo, enemies will still run and take cover on trailers on later waves and eventually overwhelm the player if they are not careful and don't check flanking positions.
  • NPCs seem to camp in specific areas near the end of a round. Placing sticky bombs in these areas can help end a wave quickly without the player having to move.



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