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"Let's face it: although you can get behind the naked aggression and anarchic mob-rule, you've never understood the rules of soccer. Well, Bomb Ball gets rid of all those fussy technicalities and restrictions on violence, and boils things down to the real heart of the matter: shoving enormous explosive devices into the other team's half before they go off. Welcome to the beautiful game."

Bomb Ball is an Arena War Adversary Mode in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Arena War update, released on December 25, 2018, during the Festive Surprise 2018 event.


Depending on whether or not the host of the match enables "Team Balancing", players can switch between teams before the game starts. With Team Balancing enabled, the number of total players joined is divided into two, and the option to "Join Team" before loading is disabled. The host also has the options to set the number of rounds - from one to four.

Players may chose between any of the Arena Ready or Arena Contender vehicles before loading, and, if enabled by the host, select a "Custom" vehicle. This mode is not restricted to any particular Arena War vehicle. With Custom Vehicles enabled, the player is also able to upgrade their vehicle before the match starts.

When the round begins, teams are positioned at opposing ends of the arena and have to use their vehicles to push one of the ten bomb balls scattered around the half of the field, while keeping away the opposing team from scoring as well. Each ball placed on the opposing field at the end of the one-minute round is worth one point, while scoring a goal is worth three points. After a minute, the score is determined to see how many points both teams scored and the round repeats until the match is over after five minutes.

Players have to be careful, as arena traps are scattered around the field and after 30 seconds of each attempt, the gun turrets become available for both sides.


There are three variations of Bomb Ball for each Arena War theme: Apocalypse, Future Shock, and Nightmare.

All three maps are open-space and do not consist of any circuits or laps. The pit lane is closed and fences are enabled.

Image Location Map
BombBallI-GTAO-JobImage Bomb Ball I takes place in an Apocalypse Arena setup. BombBallI-GTAO-Map
BombBallII-GTAO-JobImage Bomb Ball II takes place in a Future Shock Arena setup. BombBallII-GTAO-Map
BombBallIII-GTAO-JobImage Bomb Ball III takes place in a Nightmare Arena setup. BombBallIII-GTAO-Map


Push bombs into the enemy's half and keep them there until the end of the timer to score points. Pushing a bomb into a goal will score bonus points and the bomb will be reset.


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