Bolt Burgers is a fast food restaurant chain in Grand Theft Auto III, and also makes cameo appearances in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto Online.


There are two Bolt Burgers restaurants in GTA III; one in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, and the other is in the westernmost corner of Trenton, Portland. Both are inaccessible, but the former serves as a common destination during the taxi driving side-mission if the player is in Staunton. The Staunton Island restaurant is an iconic sight in Bedford Point as it is marked with a giant 3D burger sign on the corner building. The Trenton restaurant is located just across from the Callahan Bridge. Bolt Burgers may be a parody of McDonald's, as there is a McDonald's in Times Square, New York, and GTA III's equivalent (Bedford Point) has an iconic Bolt Burgers restaurant.

In 1998, both Bolt Burgers restaurants are King Knuts instead. By 2001, they have all become Bolt Burgers.

Bolt Burgers also appears at the InterGlobal Films studios in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, although it is merely part of a film set, which uses the same section of buildings from Bedford Point in GTA III.

On Chatterbox FM, a caller mentions her son shooting a banana cannon across the street at a fast food restaurant. This refers to the fact that the old school hall is across from Bolt Burgers in Trenton.

The giant burger model is the same design as the one featured in the Fat Burger Kid logo.

The brand reappears in the Grand Theft Auto Online: Arena War update.


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