Bollokan (Korean: 볼록한) is a South Korean car manufacturer in the HD Universe.


Bollokan seems to be based on Hyundai as the only vehicle, the Prairie, is based on the 2002–2008 Hyundai Tiburon. The Prairie is Bollokan's first and only production car according to the Prairie Southern San Andreas Super Autos description.


Image Vehicle Style Based on (HD Universe) Notes

The Prairie in Grand Theft Auto V.

Prairie Two-door compact car 2002–2008 Hyundai Tiburon



  • The company's name is based on the British term "[to give someone] a bollocking", which is a strong verbal chastisement of someone, and "bollocks", a British slang term for testicles.
    • Supporting this, the logo resembles a pair of hanging testicles.
    • The logo also seems to resemble a pair of breasts.
  • In Korean, "Bollokan" means "Convex", which describes the convex hanging on the top of the logo.


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