The Bohan Medical & Dental Center is a regional hospital in Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


BohanHospital GTACW

Bohan Medical & Dental Center in GTA Chinatown Wars

Located along the northernmost end of Leavenworth Avenue in Northern Gardens, Bohan, Liberty City, the hospital is designated a respawn point when the player dies in Bohan. The Bohan Medical & Dental Center is unusual in design as it appears to be based within a complex that is also occupied by commercial businesses (including a 24/7) as well as an LCPD station on the northern side of the structure. The hospital has no interior. Like all hospitals, the player can find health packs here.



  • Due to their ambulances being parked on the road, the player can occasionally be killed walking between them, as NPCs frequently crash into them. The same will happen if the player discharges a weapon.
  • Some of the Bohan Drug Wars missions will start here.
  • If the player requests a Weapon Vehicle in Bohan, it may spawn here.