View from west end looking east at sunrise

Bohan Beach is a beach that appears in Grand Theft Auto IV, its episodes and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. It is bordered by an unnamed body of water to the north, and the borough of Bohan to the south.


The real name of the beach is unidentified, but can be determined as Bohan Beach. The beach is primarily long, stretching from western Boulevard to northern Little Bay via Northern Gardens. Other than being mostly sandy, Bohan Beach is made up of rough cliffs and boulders from west to east, showing a more beautiful view of the ocean during daytime. There are also 2 abandoned boat docks on the western side of the beach, behind the cliff that leads to Grand Boulevard.

Despite its vast size, Bohan Beach is mostly deserted no matter what time it is, expect for some tramps wandering around the shore. The beach is dirty and deserted, implying it is old and poorly looked after. The beach has a parking lot beneath the Northern Expressway which can be accessed from the left turn off Planche Street. Northern Expressway also has a wide dirt road leading to Bohan Beach that can safely avoid any steep cliffs and or boulders.

The area between the Northern Expressway and the beach itself is a grassed park with multiple trees with no man-made development.



Bohan Beach may possibly be based on Orchard Beach located in Pelham Bay, Bronx, the real-life neighborhood of Little Bay. The cliffs on the beach share some similarities with Pelham Bay Park, which is beside Orchard Beach.

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