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The Bobcat Security Depot is a cash depot in Grand Theft Auto V, located in Cavalry Boulevard in Ludendorff, North Yankton.


The cash depot is located on the eastern side of Ludendorff, across the road from the town's welcoming sign and next to a farm consisting of a barn and silo. The building contains a lobby, a small closet, a vault, a loading dock, a security office, and several hallways. There is an inaccessible surveillance room which is fully modelled with computer and security camera monitors, file cabinets, and shelves holding books and walkie-talkies. Above the depot, there are two inaccessible floors. Next to the loading dock are two parking lots; one for employees and the other for customers. The employee parking lot contains a guard station and connects to both the front and back entrances, along with the loading dock. The customer parking lot also connects to these, after a turnstile. The depot has at least two armored trucks that can be seen parked in the employee lot.

Events of GTA V

In 2004, the cash depot was robbed of almost $200,000 by Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, and Brad Snider. After forcing the employees into a closet, the robbers blow open the vault and grab the money inside. On their way out, Michael is ambushed by a security guard who pulls off Michael's mask and holds a gun to his head. In order to save Michael, Trevor kills the guard by shooting him in the head. Originally, the Prologue was likely going to feature the surveillance room, as evidenced by an unused voice line for Brad, however they run past the marked door for the room on the left and Brad sets a bomb that blows open the doors to the loading dock and the trio continue through it. Once they exit the building, the three are met with heavy resistance from the North Yankton State Patrol. After a shootout, the group makes it past the security station where the freshly head-shot corpse of Alex can be seen, down the access road to the main road to a car driven by an unnamed Getaway Driver and flee the area.

The depot makes a brief appearance in the mission Bury the Hatchet, set in 2013, if the mission is started by Michael. The depot does not play any role during the mission, besides being visible in the distance when driving past it.


Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V


  • A Christmas tree is set up in the lobby, with Christmas cards on the walls, implying that the depot was robbed around Christmas time.
  • A sign on the teller window warns of armed law enforcement response. However, instead of the logo of the North Yankton State Patrol, it features the logo of the Los Santos Police Department
  • The security cameras throughout the building have a Gruppe Sechs logo on the side. This is odd, as Gruppe Sechs is a rival company.