Bobcat Security is a security company appearing in Grand Theft Auto V.


It plays a small role in the storyline as the setting of the first heist in the game. Bobcat Security is apparently partnered with the Bank of Liberty. Bobcat Security operates a fleet of Stockades seen only during Prologue.

One of Bobcat's facilities are located in Ludendorff, North Yankton. The building in Ludendorff has a layout consisting of a small lobby, a back office, a vault, a loading garage, and an emergency exit in the back.

The company still operates during 2013, as several mansions and houses in Vinewood Hills and Rockford Hills have signs showing Bobcat Security protection. However, compared to Gruppe Sechs and Merryweather Security, they have a lesser presence. Both of Franklin Clinton's safehouses (3671 Whispymound Drive and the Clinton Residence, as well as Floyd's Apartment, feature Bobcat Security signs. The Bertolt Beach House in Franklin and Lamar also features a Bobcat Security sign in the garden.


Bobcat Security is the equivalent to American security company The Brink's Company.

Events of Grand Theft Auto V

The cash storage facility is the target of a heist executed by Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Brad Snider, and an unnamed driver in the winter of 2004. The crew infiltrates the lobby and holds the civilians hostage before putting them inside a closet.

They breach the vault and steal $179,500. As the men prepare to leave, Michael gets attacked by a security guard waiting by the door. However, Trevor kills him.

They head towards the loading garage, where they open the door and head outside. At that point, the North Yankton State Patrol are waiting for them with several officers surrounding the building.


Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto V

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  • The teller's window in the storage facility in North Yankton warns of the armed police response. However, instead of the logo of the North Yankton State Patrol, it features the logo of the Los Santos Police Department.
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