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"When I'm done at the podium, Mayor Ochoa is going to be dedicating half his annual budget to cleaning this problem up.
— Bobby Jefferson

Robert "Bobby" Jefferson is a minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Events of GTA IV

Bobby Jefferson is the former Secretary of Security Enforcement of the United States. Dying Gambetti Family Don Jon Gravelli hires Niko Bellic to protect Bobby Jefferson on his way to a speech warning the city of the threat presented by foreign gangs (and specifically the Russian Mafia) after arriving from upstate. Obviously, the Russians prepared an ambush, but Niko manages to keep Bobby Jefferson safe and drives him to City Hall, so that he can give his speech. Bobby Jefferson owns a black Emperor Lokus with a blue undertone.

Mission Appearances



  • During his one and only appearance, Bobby will use of a large variety of suits during the mission because he takes the character model of a pedestrian commonly found in The Exchange. The suits vary from blue to beige and the ties vary from red to black.
  • Despite using a common ped model in the mission he appears in, he has a unique voice.
  • His favorite radio stations are The Beat 102.7 and The Classics 104.1, hinting he might like hip-hop/rap.