"French stylist Bob Mulét has dedicated the last four decades turning himself into a global brand and TV personality, and occasionally cutting hair."
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Bob Mulét is a high-end hair and beauty salon in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


It is one of the seven barbers in Grand Theft Auto V where the three protagonists can enter and get their hair styled and the only one that has a unique interior and high-end styles available. It is also accessible in Grand Theft Auto Online and the online player can obtain all available hair and makeup styles here.

The salon is a large and spacious with a separate reception and waiting area inside the front door. The radio station playing inside the salon is Non-Stop-Pop FM. The salon itself has comfortable chairs and is clean and well maintained.

Bob Mulét is also a manufacturer of the FaceOn brand of cosmetic products which can be found on the counter and the shelves at the reception desk and in the salon, as well as being found across Los Santos.

The player can buy their stocks from the website. It is robbed in a random event that the player can encounter.

There are two business cards in the bowl on the reception desk, an Anna Rex personal shopper card belonging to a Fernando Lanbaum and a Los Santos Star card belonging to a Vincent De La Tore.


The salon is staffed by a receptionist and a stylist.


The receptionist is a mature Caucasian woman, smartly dressed in a dark brown skirt-suit with a red blouse. She has short blonde hair cut to a bob style. If the player returns the money from the store robbery, the receptionist claims that Bob Mulét is a "tyrant".


The stylist is a young African-American man, who is stereotypically openly gay. He is dressed casually in a white shirt and dark gray jacket with dark blue jeans and unlaced boots. He has a stylish haircut with a bleached blonde fringe swept to the right.

If Michael De Santa walks into Bob Mulét whilst wearing the Epsilon Robes, the stylist will greet him by saying "Kifflom, be praised!", indicating he is a member of the Epsilon Program.

In GTA Online, when requesting a helicopter pickup from Merryweather, the pilot might say that he wanted to cut hair at Bob Mulét and it was his father who wanted him to be a pilot.



The business is probably named after the Bob and the Mullet hairstyles.

Bob Mulét could be a parody of Paul Mitchell, a famous hairdresser who started the John Paul Mitchell Systems along with multiple beauty schools across the world or could also be a parody of Chaz Dean, a hairdresser and TV personality who advertises his products on paid program television.

The Mad Wayne Thunder Drive building is based on 456 North Rodeo Drive (occupied by Juicy Couture).


  • Tony Prince - In GTA Online, transactions made at Bob Mulét can be seen while Tony is browsing his Maze Bank account at his desk in the nightclub office, indicating he is a customer.
  • Fernando Lanbaum [1]
  • Vincent De La Tone [2]
  • Michael De Santa - when switching to Michael, he can sometimes be found leaving Bob Mulét.
  • Six customer testimonials can be found on the official game website.



Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Side Shaded $200
The King Fresh $400
Tigerized $250
Abstraction $450
Business on Top $300
Wild Palm $350
Blowout (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE
Shape-up $180
Beard Price
Clean Shave $50
Full Van Dyke (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE
Methodical $100


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Lexington $180
The Wood (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE
Clippered Cut $200
Grown Out $290
Slicker $350
Beard Price
Clean Shave $50
Stubbled $80
Full Goatee $100
Full Beard (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE


Hair Styles
Haircut Price
Trailer Cut $200
Clean Razor $200
Randal (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE
Grown Out $300
Beard Price
Clean Shave $50
Stubble $60
Big Mustache $80
Handlebar (Rockstar Social Club exclusive) FREE

The Online player

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