Boat School

Boat School is one of the four schools the player may take part in in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is located in Bayside Marina, which is located in the town of Bayside in northeast Tierra Robada. The Boat School is unlocked after the mission Deconstruction.

Its completion is also entirely optional, and only has to be completed to achieve a statistical 100%. It consists of several basic and some advanced lessons on using a boat. Completing these will reward the player boats. For 100% completion, you only have to achieve all bronzes on the boat school.

Despite being outside of San Fierro, Boat School is unlocked after the mission Deconstruction, several missions before the Gant Bridge to Tierra Robada opens. However, the school is just outside of the area that would give Carl a 4-star wanted level, so one can take a boat to the school. All courses can be completed without attaining a wanted level except for the final challenge which starts in locked-off territory, but the wanted level will vanish once the mission is completed.


  • Basic Seamanship (given boat is Coastguard)
  • Plot a Course (given boat is Coastguard)
  • Fresh Slalom (given boat is Dinghy)
  • Flying Fish (given vehicle is Vortex)
  • Land, Sea and Air (given vehicle is Vortex)


The reward for all Bronze is a Marquis, for all Silver a Squalo and for all Gold a Jetmax. These will be docked in a small pier near the school.


GTA San Andreas - Boat School

GTA San Andreas - Boat School


  • The music which plays when you have succeeded in a course for either the boat or bike school is not created by Rockstar, but by Westar Music, a company which offers royalty free sound effects and music. The track is called 'Slotback'.
  • In the official strategy guide for the game, the boating school is listed as being unlocked after the Pier 69 mission (the first mission that involves a boat) via a phone call. This may hint that in the beta version of the game, Bayside was unlocked with San Fierro.
  • If a boat gets in the way of another boat focused on the TV, the boat that gets in the way will float mid air.
  • During two tests, Fresh Slalom and Land, Sea and Air, seagulls can be heard along the bay, the only moment and place that it happens in the game.
  • After some time doing any course, a Police Maverick spawns and hovers in the air with a pilot inside, which is unique as there are usually no pilots in these helicopters or Hydras.

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