The Boars Baseball Club is a baseball club supported by the Ballas in Los Santos, featured in Grand Theft Auto V.


While not in color, they are likely based on the Los Angeles Angels, Anaheim being a nearby, but independent, city of Los Angeles. They do as well have influence of the Los Angeles Dodgers, along with the Corkers. The Boars continuously defeat the Feud, as in real life the Dodgers continuously defeat the Angels.

Some Boars jerseys and jackets are seen worn by pedestrians, mainly Ballas.

Known Players

  • Pollock


  • Like their rivals, the Feud, the Boars may not be a professional level team due to their not carrying the Los Santos name - appearing simply as the Boars. However they may be a secondary professional team vying with the Feud for status as a back up for the Los Santos Corkers which would explain the rivalry between the two clubs and their supporters.


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